The Excursion

This morning I drove into Pasadena. It wasn’t a major excursion, but it was in the opposite direction of where I normally travel and everything was unfamiliar. I wish I had taken my camera. It’s the perfect place for street photography, but it was just TOO hot! I wanted to get in—and get out.

I went there to pick up the kit for my drawing class. I’m already enjoying the course. It’s not so much that I’ve learned anything yet (it’s only been two days), or that I even see the possibility of getting really good at it. It’s the fact that I’m putting aside my fear, putting the pencil to the pad, and making an effort.

So, I was happy to see RDP Sunday’s Word: Excursion.

I think that doing anything outside of your norm (like taking a class) could be considered an excursion. One of the definitions I found was “a deviation from a regular pattern, path, or level of operation.”  

Sometimes I wonder if I drank so much because life seemed stale. I was stuck in an awful pattern, doing laps around that unfulfilling path… and getting nowhere.

That’s the main reason I hope to start a ‘Creative Center’ for people who are in recovery; so that people who’ve been stuck in unhealthy patterns can discover new (healthy) ones. Anyway, that’s another story, for another day—like after I graduate. I just wanted to bring it to mind again; and visualize it.

In the meantime, life is awesome… and I’m so happy that every day is like a new excursion!

For my featured image, I thought I’d revisit “the birds.” I’m still fascinated by the fact that they see colors that the human eye can’t, so I sent them off… soaring through the vibrant sky… on their own little excursion.

Thanks for reading! Peace & love…

p.s. I will seriously wean myself off soon. Our first week was all about the syllabus. Not much homework at all.


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