Femme Fatale


I wanted to pop in and share my latest ‘femme fatale’. I’m at a total standstill as far as my writing is concerned. My head has been in a total fog lately, and I’m placing some of the blame on my ethics class. I have to wonder if information overload comes a little too easy as we get older. Continue reading →


Sometimes I’m energetic, full of color and life, feeling crazy…

Other days I want to lay still, relax, read a book and be lazy.

I learned how to do these orbs in Photoshop via Leya (HERE) and I just can’t get over how beautiful her orbs are (Ha-ha that sounds funny). Anyway, I’ve seen several other bloggers doing the same, and all of the results are just stunning.

I don’t know if it’s just my current mood or what, but the orbs I tried with flowers weren’t doing it for me. So… I made one using an image of street art that I had. The second one (lazy) is basically the orb original, and I think it looks more soothing and laid back.

The first one (crazy) is the result of an effect in Smartphoto Editor. I love that it’s “almost” like stained glass, but it’s not. It looks like it would break if you dropped it. When looking at it I felt myself feeling lighter, which made me think of energy.

I mentioned before that when I set an agenda for myself, I tend to get rebellious. I’ve been wanting to write the next part of my short story, but I haven’t had it in me. I thought the orbs might be a good way to get me out of my writing rut. We’ll see tomorrow.

That’s about all. I hope you like my moody orbs. A big thank you to Leya for showing us how to make these!

Until later,

Peace & Love!

Shelter in Place

Storm intermission,

Seductress teases through glass,

Fragile barricade.

Greetings everyone! My new PC is finally here, and I am back in action with Photoshop—and a few other new and exciting programs to get creative with. I’m feeling things out tonight, and I thought this somewhat serene image would go well with Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Break & Glass.

There’s a little double meaning in there, because I (like many of us) am torn at times; feeling like “things are getting better,” and then “things are getting worse.” It’s hard to decide, so I just take it day by day. And today was good!

That’s about all for now. I hope you’re all surviving, staying healthy, happy, and safe. God Bless!