The Next Chapter

Just hours after I said that I don’t have much to share these days, all kinds of thoughts started churning around. I haven’t even slept well the past two nights because my mind’s been racing! It reminded me of all the times I proclaimed that I was going to do a new image series, and then the whole idea would just fizzle out. I can never seem to stick with a plan! This time it worked for my benefit though… sort of reverse psychology, I guess.

I was going through my files yesterday, doing a little housecleaning, and I came across one of my old posts; back when I first started the blog. It was such a great reminder to me, and the timing was perfect!

When my friend Gil first encouraged me to write, and to share my story with others, it was the first time in SO long that I felt my life had purpose. I not only had my sobriety, I had this HOPE that I could share with others. I think my exact words were that “I was going to write the story of how my life was transformed.”

I’m going to cut to the chase now: I’m ready for the next chapter!

I’ve had this idea—kind of a vision about my future—for over a year now. If you hadn’t noticed, my image here represents a page of my book. I know, I know, it’s not exactly spectacular and it kind of looks like a paper bag, but HEY, it’s slowly being turned to reveal the first page of the new chapter; Chapter Two.

But, there’s nothing there!

That’s exactly where my vision came from. One of the biggest hurdles that I had to get over in sobriety was to stay that way. 60 days, 90 days, the countdown went on. And on. Coming from a place where I’d done so much damage to my life that I was left standing in a pile of rubble, and then reaching all of those milestones and realizing that life was good, God was great, and that I was sober; I found myself at another hurdle. A more complicated hurdle. What next??

That’s how going back to school came about, and with every passing day my vision is morphing and growing, and becoming more and more possible. So… what next? I’d like to set up a program to work with others who are in recovery. People who have reached or are nearing that hurdle; that what next phase of their recovery. Getting sober is hard, but “living sober” is a journey. And for people like me who hit rock bottom, it means there’s a life to rebuild. A second chance. A new beginning!

I’m still making notes, doing my research, getting questions answered, and so on, but I thought that now was a good time to share the idea. I was hesitant because… well, sometimes I have a hard time sticking to a plan! But, a year’s gone by and the dream hasn’t gone away. It’s been blossoming, really. I pray about it a lot, and lately everything keeps pointing to the fact that this may actually come to fruition.

I’ll start small—baby steps—with just one person, but I gotta be honest here…

I’m dreaming BIG.

Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.


  1. Janet this sounds like a great idea. All over I see people in recovery reaching out to those still actively drinking or using. Not so much for those in recovery learning growing and cultivating their new life with the challenges and discoveries being encountered

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    1. My sentiments exactly! And when people get to the point where they have been sober for awhile, and things are starting to get boring or stagnant, thoughts about taking a drink or using again can start to stir around. Finding healthy, productive, and fulfilling things to do to replace the old habits was so key for me, and I think that building a community of people who are working on growing in their new sober life would be fantastic! Thank you.

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  2. When I quit everything, my favorite country song was ” you ain’t as much fun since I quit drinkin’! ” sometimes, it was a day at a time, sometimes a minute at a time . Most states under fund recovery programs and incarcerated women in jail and our prisons, many there from drug or alcohol abuse, are lucky if they receive any treatment at all! Keep praying! Many scriptures point out the struggles before the blessings!

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    1. That song sounds perfect. It does feel like you are a big old party pooper when you quit! And you really find out who your friends are – and who your drinking buddies were! I think I’m more fun than ever now, and I don’t do stupid things I’ll regret in the morning – AND I remember what I did. Ha! Yes, people who are coming from jail or prison, and even young adults who are headed there if they don’t change, are the people I’d love to work with. The one good thing about hitting bottom is that there’s no where to go but UP. 🙂 Also… will be commenting soon on your denominations post. I have some numbers to share shortly.


  3. I think I’m more excited then you go see the next chapter! Because I know you it will be full of twist turns and adventure.

    Love you


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