The Big Picture

So, I was reminded of something while reading a fellow blogger’s post (thank you Rob) this morning. It’s something that actually helped me a great deal not too long ago…

Looking at the BIG picture.

Being new to Christianity, and fairly new in the program—the first things I had to face were my defects. My wrong thinking. My sinfulness.

I had learned, early in life, how to dodge my fears by becoming someone that I was not. You know…a people-pleaser. Give them what they want. Tell them what they want to hear. Be who THEY want you to be. The problem here is that now I’m not even sure who THEY were. My peers when I was young? Well, that’s not what I want to dwell on. I’m getting sidetracked.

The point is that once I looked in the mirror and faced the bad head on, I lost complete sight of all the positives. I almost couldn’t remember the good things I’d done in life. That might be why a lot of my posts are about my memories. I’m finally starting to recall, and embrace, the great experiences that I’ve had. Things I’d almost forgotten!

Some months ago I came across a book on learning to love yourself. What the author taught is that we’re not defined by any one quality, or character defect for that matter. For every negative, there’s an equally important positive. Making a list of ALL of your traits, and looking at THAT, is what allows you to see yourself as a whole.

Maybe I overthink, but after I mentioned procrastination last night I started thinking that I wasn’t being fair. Yes… I sometimes procrastinate, but I also have a lot of ambition. I’m not going to leave things on a negative note. For every downside, there is an upside.

Anyway, after I pushed publish last night I decided to challenge my procrastinating tendency, and I went on to browsing frame ideas online. I have some wonderful, creative visions dancing around in my head. I’m excited!

Tomorrow is HERE, and I’m moving forward. No excuses. I’m holding myself accountable. I guess you could say that I’m not chasing the wind today…

I’m chasing my dreams.

(The featured image was taken in downtown Denver, when I was living in Colorado)


  1. Awesome good damn straight up post! I’m one of my treatment groups we talk about the compassionate mind, having love for ourselves when we fail, but also looking at the best in us and the good there has been. I love how you seem to be putting more and more out there…more about you and less about the pictures, or maybe I’m just paying more attention. More of you people like me can learn from and feel understood

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    1. Oh, and thank you for your list of your accomplishments. Sharing that was a good reminder to anyone in recovery that we all have done great things, as well as not so great things!

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    2. Yes. For some reason we all seem to be programmed to lean toward the bad. I’ve always been an optimist, so I fight like hell to hold onto the good. Lots of things I could tell you. I’ll focus more on that now. Now that it can actually help someone! Wow… that makes me strangely happy. My whole goal was to be of service- maybe it’s starting to happen. 🙂

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    3. Thank you! That’s actually why I started blogging you know. To share my story and what I’ve learned. It’s all way back at the beginning… but maybe not helpful in everyone’s situation. But it’s mind blowing what I’ve learned over the past year. No one seemed to really be reading it, so I just moved on to things I enjoy. 🙂 You’re seeing my blog backwards lol.

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  2. Reading you positive posts about chasing your dreams really makes me think positive and makes me think about my dreams…. I can. I can do the things I want. I can use my God given talents, it would almost be a sin not to.
    It also makes me wonder what it is that God has in store for me….. Is my big picture also His big picture?

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    1. Oh, you really touched on something. For quite awhile I sat around, waiting for Him to show me what to do next. I knew that I had to row the boat he gave me and couldn’t just sit in it. So… that’s why I just TRY. If it’s not in His plan, I’ll find that out. But if it’s for good, for anyone’s good… I figure He must approve. Right?


  3. Such a great picture.

    You have a lifetime of positive. A life ahead to add more.

    As I continue to read your story .. You are soo uniquely unique.

    Keep being You

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