New Beginnings

Well, here I am… a bit weepy again. It’s a good cry though.

It’s been two months since I started this blog, and in four days I’ll be taking a nine month chip. During these past two months—not only have I been sharing my story, my thoughts, my dreams, and my many pictures—but I’ve been semi-quietly trying to figure out just where it is I’m headed next. Attempting to lay out plans and chart my own course, as they say.

I really AM a strong person. Sometimes I think it’s a good quality, and other times I think it may be a hindrance. Mainly because that outwardly resilient woman tends to boss around the fragile young girl that hides inside (who’s trying very hard to grow up, mind you); telling her to GET ON with things! Stay busy. Make a plan! It’s very nerve racking.

Gil… my dear friend, brother, daddy figure, mentor (and so much more) said something to me when I first started putting my story together in a book-like format, and then again when I decided to morph it into a blog. He said…

Just write.

He is such a wise soul. He told me that if I used my love of writing to share my story, God would orchestrate the rest. God would see to it that the person(s) that needed to read it, or could actually learn from it—WOULD.

And there you have it. Today I got the nudge that I so desperately needed. Two actually.

There ARE people out there that can learn from my stories, my mistakes, and from the things that I’ve learned… and continue to learn. Gil was right, as usual, and I (as usual) was getting discouraged and impatient. I was ready to throw in the towel and go in an entirely different direction.

So to Rob, I say thank you again for that little push this morning, and for encouraging me to stay on course and continue to share the deeper things. And to Rebecca, I say thank you for putting those words out there: Is it His plan, or is it MINE? I put a lot of thought into that, after reading your comment, and almost saw things unfolding before my eyes.

First and foremost, my agenda here ALWAYS, was to help others by sharing my story.

So… write I will.



  1. You are very welcome. I enjoy reading you. You have a wonderful way of telling stories with depth, passion, understanding that actually end up meaning something. Just like now I learned more about myself just reading your introspections. And this man comes away a little better every time. Write On!

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    1. Oh, thank you! And I was going to say thank you to you as well, in my post. You’re the first comment I ever had complimenting my writing. I’m very grateful for that! I was on the verge o giving up then too. Now get to NYC. Post pictures, too. 😉

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  2. First off – congratulations on the nine months 🙂 You are awesome!! Second, you are very welcome. Christianity is so important in my every life it is nice to share it with someone.

    Remember; God would not give you anything that He does not think you can handle. So go for it! Follow those dreams!! 🍃🍃

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