The Stargazer

A Bit of Fiction & Illustration

“What are you looking at today?” Lina called across the aisle.

“The moon,” a young girl replied. “I love it when it’s visible during the day. I’m watching it fade in and out, behind the clouds.”

Lina turned her attention back to Melody, explaining that the young girl was Sarina, but that everyone called her Star. She was studying to be an astronomer, and was often seen lugging a telescope around, or some other apparatus, so the nickname started and it just seemed to stick.

Melody assumed by the conversations taking place that the other passengers knew each other well, and that they must be regulars on the Number 5 bus. Melody realized that she was the outsider – the new girl on the bus – but, for some reason, they made her feel at home.

Star appeared to be quite down to earth. Melody wasn’t sure if she was on her way to school this morning, or not, but she wasn’t wearing any shoes and she didn’t appear to have any with her – which seemed quite odd.

Star’s outfit reminded Melody of a warm summer day. Her hair was held in place with a ponytail and a hat, and Melody watched her carefully, worrying that the wind might knock her hat off and carry it away.

Star seemed to beam with curiosity and wonder, and she never took her eyes off of the sky, even when she talked to the others. 

“There may be a thunderstorm on its way,” she said nonchalantly. “I think I see a cumulonimbus cloud in the distance.”

Lina laughed. “A cumulo… what?”

The bus sputtered and bumped again, and Lina – who was standing again – nearly toppled over. Melody heard the sound of metal scraping, and she could feel the butterflies begin to flutter again. She was already going to be late for work, rain was in Star’s unsolicited weather forecast, and now… the bus seemed to be malfunctioning.

Lina looked over at Melody, who was now fidgeting in her seat. 

“Relax sweetie,” she said with conviction, “the Number 5 never disappoints.”


It’s been challenging today, but I made progress none the less. There are just a few more characters to introduce and then the fun begins… haha!

I have to say that having a story in mind, trying to illustrate for it, and then include words of the day on top of that… make things more complicated than they should be. Call me crazy.

I keep telling myself that this is just a first draft. Get it out, fix it later. That way I don’t get too stressed out.

I was disappointed with the illustration, again, especially after some really hard work, so I added a slight HDR effect to help bring it to life a little.

Anyway, I made it through another evening. Phew!!

Until next time,
Peace & Love!

I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles

Shannon Hale

Word of the Day Challenge: Fade

The Daily Spur Word Prompt: Metal


  1. This is sooooo dreamy. “…Melody watched her carefully, worrying that the wind might knock her hat off and carry it away.” I think that’s really strong. Like the drawing too.

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  2. I often get it out first in raw form but add notes as I go when ideas come to mind. Then rather than edit what I wrote, I’ll rewrite on another page so I maintain my core objective without going too far astray. I’ve found I must remain disciplined in NOT allowing myself to over editing. Best of luck with your writing…

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    1. Makes sense! Thank you! I have notes on a pad right now and it looks like word play all jumbled. I’ll get a system eventually. Appreciate the advice!

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