The First Casualty

A Bit of Art & Fiction

Once Juanita was gone, things got a little gnarly. Whispers could be heard behind closed doors, and the accusations began to fly. Elizabeth Hill, Belle’s next door neighbor, had always suspected her husband Harry of being a cheat, and it was no secret that he had been even wilder in his youth.

Everyone knew that he had a wandering eye, I had witnessed it myself. Harry walked the streets in town frequently, and on most days he would stop to rest on the bench in front of the Hemp Store. Most of Belle’s customers were young ladies, and I imagine that it didn’t take Harry long to figure that out. 

Surprisingly, Belle never mentioned this fact to anyone, but once she caught wind of Elizabeth’s allegations she felt compelled to pay her a visit and let her know about his daily strolls. Before he could blink an eye, Elizabeth gave Harry the boot.


I’m sorry to cut this (part five) so short, but I spent way too long on the illustration. I was hoping to share by midnight my time, but I have missed the cutoff. I suppose these short clips are a good read for anyone who has an attention span the size of mine, which is miniscule, so maybe short and sweet is better anyway. We’ll see. Feel free to input on that.

There is a rocky road ahead for the people of the town, and in the future I will do my best to consolidate the details. In the meantime, poor Harry is on the road to homelessness… or to live with his mother… whichever suits him best.

When all was said and done, I wanted to title this part The Boot, and I wished I had used a woman’s boot sticking out of the door rather than the generic silhouette. I’m not thrilled with Harry’s look either, but I’m calling it a day. If I’m happy with the story’s end, and I’m not over it by then, I may jazz up the illustrations later.

That’s about all for now. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s snippet!


Word of the Day Challenge: Gnarly

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  1. Homelessness or home to mom…equal, from my perspective😉. A “boot” image would be fabulous!


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