The Sterling Necklace

A Bit of Art & Fiction…

Men were always lavishing her with gifts, but this one was different. The sterling necklace that she wore wasn’t an expensive piece, like the jewels that filled her dresser drawer, but she never took it off. She said it reminded her of someone special, and not a soul knew who had given it to her. 

I think that’s why everyone was so impressed by it, because of its mystery. I’d seen it myself, and it wasn’t anything to get excited about, but the locals were always making a big deal over it. The women would ask if they could touch it, and the men would just stare at it with a glazed look in their eyes. I always figured that either one of those men had given it to her, or that they were afraid that their wives would be asking for one like it. 

In any case, that necklace caused quite a stir. But that stir was nothing. When the truth finally came out, the people of that town would never be the same.


I thought it was time to do another short story series using daily word challenges (accompanied by illustrations). I had to keep the intro short because I spent too long on the image. In keeping with the combo pieces that I’ve been doing, I added a photo of a necklace to my illustration to add that “realness.” I’m pretty happy with it because I had made her eyes gray without realizing how they would sparkle with the silver-gray in the necklace.

That’s all for tonight. I’ve managed to entertain myself for 3 1/2 hours and now… hopefully… I’ve entertained you as well. At least for a minute.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!

Until next time…

Written for the Word of the Day challenge: Sterling


  1. What a beautiful and mysterious tale, I am reminded of Alfred Hitchcock who is sad to be the master of suspense, many twists and turns and always leaving the audience wanting more and this is very much how I felt when reading your post, the artwork was also very good.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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