The Hiding Place

It was humid that summer evening, like June usually is in the valley, and the three of them had gone down to the swimming hole to cool down. Draco wandered off, like he always did, trying to trap fireflies in a jar. Bob and Anastasia stayed in the water, swimming until their arms and legs were so tired that they could barely climb up the shore.

It’s when they got out to rest that the moon enraptured them. Bob’s hand touched hers as they looked up at its magical light, and each of them smiled with both joy and confusion. Neither one had thought of the other as anything but a friend, like brother and sister, but with this new sensation, their world was suddenly different.

As if they were hypnotized, perhaps by the moon itself, Bob and Anastasia held each other and began to move. They danced to the sound of a melody that only the two of them could hear. 

It wasn’t until they heard Draco returning that the strange spell was broken. Unsure of what had happened, and afraid of what Draco might say, the two scurried around for a hiding place until they settled behind the velvet grass.


This is an ongoing story, continued each day (more or less) using the Daily Spur’s word prompt. Today’s word is: Velvet.

Since things got complicated (for me, anyway) I’ve moved the previously published parts, rearranged to run as a normal story would, on this PAGE (which is also now in my menu) – JUST in case you missed it and are interested in reading the complete story (which is not complete yet).

I know, I know… like I said it’s getting complicated.

Anyway, I included my illustrations on the story page as well, so that each word prompt piece has its colorful art added as well. This is purely for entertainment purposes (hopefully yours and not just mine), so if the story doesn’t do it… I hope that my illustrations will.

I have to say that I learned about something new while putting this one together, which is something called velvet grass. I’m a brown thumb, so I have never heard of it, but apparently there are many varieties including Korean velvet grass which is a beautiful grass. Another variety, common velvet grass, has lavender like flowers which I tried to depict in my illustration.

I had a great time with this illustration, and I’m happy that I know how to make some form of velvet grass now. I also felt the story was beginning to get serious (in my mind) and that I kept defaulting to romance (don’t ask me why), so I tried to lighten things up with the stars having to hide out in the bushes, so to speak.

That’s about all for now. I hope that you enjoyed tonight’s addition…

Thank you for reading!!