If feels like the dead of winter,

The leaves, they have lost their hues. 

Birds are refusing to sing, and…

The sun has a case of the blues.

The streets, once bustling with magic,

Cry out as the chill rushes in.

Aching, like a jilted lover…

Waiting to love once again.

I’ve been working on a new resolution to start a new series… “Write Something New Every Day,” and I decided that today was the perfect time to get my show on the road. While my original objective was to focus on things that were cheery and upbeat (it is almost Christmas, after all), my senses told me to go with the flow and simply express how I was feeling. And tonight—I am freezing! Of course, my poem might actually be about my mood, or the current state of the world (or at least Los Angeles), but I think I’ll leave it open for interpretation.

I have to say that, although I’ve been procrastinating this writing venture, I’ve literally been writing for hours—and days—working on a 9 to 12 page paper on the history of psychology that is due Sunday. At the risk of sounded sassy and ungrateful… yawn!! Anyway, my head has been in the books and staring at the computer screen all day, so this was a much needed break and the perfect “mental” getaway. The photo/art was a little something just to get me in the mood. I did all sorts of alterations until it looked like how I was feeling… a little dull, but threatening to show some color.

I hope you enjoyed it!

If all goes as planned… I’ll be back to write again very soon.

Peace & Love!!


  1. Glad you took a break from your paper. I love to read and see your creativity. The photo and your poem perfectly expresses not only your mood but the mood of the masses! 💕

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