Kindred Spirits

It’s only been a moment,

But it feels like forever.

Maybe we’ve met before,

In a dream perhaps?

Or maybe we were connected,

In a lifetime long forgotten.

One soul, split apart,

Finding the missing pieces,

In kindred spirits.

I was feeling short winded this evening, so I thought a bit of poetry was in order. I have a few friends who I consider “kindred spirits,” and one of the most beautiful things about these types of connections is that words aren’t always necessary. The bond exists without effort.

I’m afraid the image looks too much like a romantic couple, but they are actually just friends—two kindred spirits—enjoying a beautiful moment together. I saw a photograph on Instagram featuring “red, yellow, and blue” and it inspired me to try out the palette. I think it pairs well with the poem; subtle but sincere, soft but loud, and dim but colorful.

That’s about all for now. Thank you for joining me for my series Life: From A to Z.

I hope you enjoyed the letter K!

Peace & Love,


I have a collection,

Of masks that I wear.

Some say “I’m OK,”

Others show that I care.

There’s a smart looking one,

That I wear when I work,

And one that looks angry,

When someone’s a jerk.

A seductress for fun,

And a clown face for play,

And you just never know,

Which I’m wearing today.

I thought this featured image was perfect for the prompt. It’s kind of colorful and fun, but a little eerie—kind of like how I feel about clowns. It’s another one in the collection that was inspired by a Pinterest find, with my own twist on it.

The poem is an exaggeration of how I feel at times, when I start thinking that I’m not being authentic. What I’ve found over time is that much of that has to do with moods. My moods rise and set like the sun and the moon, and change like the seasons, so no one—including myself—is quite sure what the day will bring, or what is coming next.

Anyway, I appreciate the fact that you took a minute to read my poetry, so thank you for that. I hope you found something enjoyable here!

Written for RDP Tuesday: Mask


Children Playing.

Lovers Dancing.

Window Shopping.

Hot Romancing.

People Laughing.

People Dying.

Soldiers Marching.

Mothers Crying.

New Beginnings.

Hearts Mending.

Seasons Changing.

Happy Endings.

I’m so glad that I was able to come up with “Happy Endings” because I had NO idea how to end this poem. Endings are the hardest things to write—which might explain my two unfinished short stories. Ha-Ha!

So, while I mentioned that I was going to try to “write something new every day,” I’ve never told you what gave me the idea. A gentleman in one of my classes recommended a book when we were discussing writer’s block. I realize that writer’s block is a strange thing to talk about in a scientific writing class, but if you’ve ever written a literature review… you probably understand. There are no creative juices involved in scientific writing, let me tell you. YAWN.

The book is called Just Write One Thing Today, by John Gillard, and it has daily prompts—which I love. Of course, I’m barely into it and I’m already breaking the rules, but it’s the inspiration that counts. The prompt that I used today is “Jesus Wept,” which the author mentions is the shortest sentence in the Bible. I think it’s actually the shortest sentence anywhere, but who am I to say?! Sorry Gillard.

The prompt was to “list random nouns and verbs and see if any fit together to create a short, impactful, and perfectly crafted sentence” (Gillard, 2017) <— killing two birds with one stone here by practicing my in-text citations. Ha-Ha! I decided that I wanted to write something about life, and the celebration of life, and one of the first things I thought of was dancing.

Now, I did create the featured image in Adobe Illustrator, but it’s a bit of a reproduction of a picture of a stained glass window that I found on Pinterest. At least I think it was stained glass. It said “Vitrail Tiffany,” and I’ve been trying to find out what that is. A company? A person? I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve been doing a few different ‘mock stained glass window images’ and remembered that I had this one saved so I finished it today. And there you have it. I want to do a whole series of dancers, so that might be forthcoming. We shall see.

I know some of the lines in my celebration of life poem don’t exactly sound celebratory, but they’re a part of life and I’m coming to terms with the fact that everything matters. Big or small, happy or sad. Anyway, enough of that. This is about celebrating life, and it’s Friday night and there are only two weeks until Christmas, so it’s the perfect time to do just that.

So… off I go (to the living room with the fireplace).

Until next time…

Peace & Love!!!