Black & Blue

A Cat Poem

I am the queen of the castle,
I’ve earned my place on the throne.
I deliver goods to my people,
Be it feather, or fur, or bone.

My enemies cry for attention,
In the darkness they growl and mew.
I chase them down the alleyway,
Until my paws are black and blue.

I am the queen of the castle,
I’ve gained full access to the inside.
I nap, I nibble, and roll in the yard,
My coat of dirt is worn with pride.

I’m resting now, in this blanket of fluff,
Now go, please let me be.
I know you yearn for affection,
But all I have is complacency.

So, our cat Gypsy belongs to my son and she lives in the back unit with him. She never used to hang out in the house, but recently she discovered that my super warm Pendleton blanket is also super cozy. This was how I found her today; covered in dirt from head to paw (minus the oil paint effect that I added to tone the filth down a notch).

She reminded me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown. The dark patch on her face is actually the only spot that was clean and untarnished. Isn’t she a ham!? I’m sure she just spent time rolling in the dirt, as usual, but I thought she looked rough – like she’d been in a fight. Hence, the “B” words came to mind for my Alphabet Game – Black and Blue.

I suppose we can just cross off another – using “C” for Cat, so that’s three down and twenty three to go! I shot the pic with my iPhone and then used BeCasso to add the oil paint effect. Anyway, that’s about all for now… I hope you enjoyed!

See you around soon for the letter “D.”

Kindred Spirits

It’s only been a moment,

But it feels like forever.

Maybe we’ve met before,

In a dream perhaps?

Or maybe we were connected,

In a lifetime long forgotten.

One soul, split apart,

Finding the missing pieces,

In kindred spirits.

I was feeling short winded this evening, so I thought a bit of poetry was in order. I have a few friends who I consider “kindred spirits,” and one of the most beautiful things about these types of connections is that words aren’t always necessary. The bond exists without effort.

I’m afraid the image looks too much like a romantic couple, but they are actually just friends—two kindred spirits—enjoying a beautiful moment together. I saw a photograph on Instagram featuring “red, yellow, and blue” and it inspired me to try out the palette. I think it pairs well with the poem; subtle but sincere, soft but loud, and dim but colorful.

That’s about all for now. Thank you for joining me for my series Life: From A to Z.

I hope you enjoyed the letter K!

Peace & Love,


I have a collection,

Of masks that I wear.

Some say “I’m OK,”

Others show that I care.

There’s a smart looking one,

That I wear when I work,

And one that looks angry,

When someone’s a jerk.

A seductress for fun,

And a clown face for play,

And you just never know,

Which I’m wearing today.

I thought this featured image was perfect for the prompt. It’s kind of colorful and fun, but a little eerie—kind of like how I feel about clowns. It’s another one in the collection that was inspired by a Pinterest find, with my own twist on it.

The poem is an exaggeration of how I feel at times, when I start thinking that I’m not being authentic. What I’ve found over time is that much of that has to do with moods. My moods rise and set like the sun and the moon, and change like the seasons, so no one—including myself—is quite sure what the day will bring, or what is coming next.

Anyway, I appreciate the fact that you took a minute to read my poetry, so thank you for that. I hope you found something enjoyable here!

Written for RDP Tuesday: Mask