In the Beginning

Let’s start anew!

After 3 years and 10 months of being on this blog, and while suffering from COVID-itis (also known as having extra time and trying to make good use of it), I’ve decided… WHAT THE HECK, let’s go back to the beginning.

Something I’ve realized is that our stories get old. They become stale. When looking back from a new perspective, we see and feel things differently than we did in the past. Maybe we’ve learned more about our lives and our experiences and we need to expand on our old ideas. Or perhaps we find that some of the chapters we’ve lived are no longer relevant to our story; they’re history, and they no longer serve a purpose. Either way, each person’s story is their own, and it’s up to them to make use of it.

I’ve hemmed and hawed about what to do with my 4 year old story. I thought about taking it down— deleting the old pages—because it feels outdated to me, and I fear it’s value has expired. But, after much deliberation and consideration, I’ve decided that it would be more interesting and worthwhile to change it up, or “RE-write” the story—from a totally new perspective. 

In the Beginning was first shared on October 2, 2016. It was my very first post, and the very first chapter of my ongoing “real life” story. That’s a lot of firsts. This particular chapter focused on when my problems all started; adolescence. What I’ve learned since writing it, is that fear, loneliness, and confusion are common at that age, and there are many people who had the same exact thoughts, feelings and/or experiences during these young years (and beyond).

I think the key take-away here is that we are never as alone as we think we are, we just can’t find that out unless we are willing to open up and share. That being said, I’ve turned this old chapter into a poem about teenage angst, and the crucial thing that I was lacking in those days… faith.

Choose wisely

Innocence flutters away, 

As self-awareness blooms,

Philosophy fills the mind, 

With questions that consume.

Who am I? Why am I here?

What will I become?

What’s the reason for living?

And where did life come from?

Something inside of us shifts,

At this “coming of age,”

We begin to wear our masks,

And the world becomes our stage.

It’s a crossroads we all face,

Never sure which way to turn,

The directions seem unclear, and…

There are lessons we will learn.

Be strong, and choose wisely my child,

For so many will deceive,

But One will always guide you right,

And all those who ask… 


I created a new featured image as well… a little pink to represent the wonders of my innocence and youth.

Life is good, and God is great! 

In The Beginning
Rewriting Your Story


  1. Love your poem. And it does seem useful to go back to the beginning and explore where it all started to go off course. Such a vulnerable age. I feel like the one big thing I was lacking was self worth and that led me to make some really poor decisions. The rest is history but the future is still being written. 💕😉

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    1. Thanks Collette! Same here. Self worth is more valuable than gold. I think this will be an exciting process too… it’s like learning lessons from our lessons! Who knows what kind of treasures are hidden in there!? 😘❤

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  2. I have a feeling you’re a poet. Lol!

    I randomly read blogs for inspiration. (Hence how I found your blog) and I think it’s good to dig through the old posts on our blogs. It’s like going back in time. It also seems like I was a better writer back then lol..

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    1. Right?! Did you catch the rhymes?? Haha. I think I write the same as I did 4 years ago but it’s a kick to read my old thoughts. I think hmmm what the heck was I thinking? 😄

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    2. I say that jokingly and seriously (if that even makes sense) but I wish you knew how many poetry blogs I read and it’s just a reading words… little to nothing keeps my attention. Now I’m not being hard, I know not all poetry is for everyone. Mine more than likely isn’t. But I’m just saying, poetry i like is rare lol!

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    3. Yes, I think I get it. Not all poetry is for everyone for sure. I tend to sound like Dr. Seuss when I try (probably because that’s the only poetry I was exposed to when I was young), hence the reason I write more Haiku. It keeps me away from the “green eggs and ham” song that runs through my head. 🙂

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    4. You’re really good!! It’s had me come back for yet another day!

      But I tend to struggle with rhyming too.. I don’t want to sound typical. I aim for fluency.

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    5. I have 2 blogs. One about faith and biblical stuff and I recently restarted another poetry blog. You’re cordially invited to both!

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