Stealing the Spotlight

The shy and the extroverted have this in common—that they both fancy they are the center of attention.

Robert Breault

I think that quote is excellent. In Developmental Psychology we learned about the imaginary audience in adolescence, which is the belief that others are acutely aware of and attentive to one’s appearance and behavior. This belief—that everyone is watching and/or judging them—makes them more self-conscious.

It’s funny taking psychology classes when you’re older. Every time I learned something new I would look back at my life and think “Oh yeah! I had that!” Or… even scarier… “I think I still do!” It’s like some kind of psyche-hypochondria.

Anyway, it was interesting to think about the shy one and the extrovert believing that they’re the center of attention… yet their reactions to being in the spotlight are so different. Maybe I relate to it because there was a lot of talk about the personality traits of an alcoholic in meetings. Most shared the feeling of teetering back and forth between the shy one and the extrovert. “Hey look at me, look at me!” and then “Hey! Stop looking at me!” And then there’s me, just like when I’m at school, thinking… “Hey, I think I have that too!”

I know that’s really random, especially since I was looking for a quote to accompany my plant… who is budding in the spotlight. I guess you never really know where things will take you.

Anyway, this writing was kind of therapeutic. Not once did food cross my mind! 😉 And I’ve been thinking about my vices; drinking… smoking… now eating. I’m sensing a pattern here and it makes me wonder. If (when) this lifestyle makeover pans out, is there another unhealthy vice out there… just waiting in the wings for me?

Those were just a few thoughts I had today. And they do lead me to one last thing. I’m realizing that although my eating is a problem, it’s not the biggest one. I really do sit too much and no diet in the world will change that. So… while I’m getting my thoughts together about food this week, next week I’m shifting the conversation to movement. Not a rigorous workout plan… just a couple little things that I’m keeping up my sleeve until later.

Thank you for reading!


  1. I truly appreciate ALL that you share, Janet–your courage inspires, and aids the healing process for anyone struggling to progress…I’m still a mess at 67, and you just make me feel better–like, “it’s okay, God’s not finished with me yet”. Much love to you everyday!! ❤

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    1. Oh that is so awesome to hear! I think you just inspired to write a post I’ve been thinking about. Love you Z… keep on keeping on He is never done with us here. 😘


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