End of the Rainbow

Something wonderful happens when it rains here! I saw this ‘end of the rainbow’ a few weeks ago and thought it was a great image for this evening. I logged on a while ago and saw that I have 25 minutes to go until my sober anniversary. Woo!

School is keeping me SUPER busy, and I rarely come up for air… but I’ve been thinking about everyone!

Anyway, I added a lot of drama to this photo, just because. It was quite a dramatic feeling to walk out and see it in person. I never really knew if you could see the end of a rainbow until I actually saw it.

And now I’ve hit my 3 year sobriety mark and life is fabulous.

What’s funny is that I shared it on Facebook the day that I shot the image, and someone seemed adamant that it wasn’t real. I guess my Photoshop adventures have placed my photo shares in the “this image could be fake” category. BUT… it is real.

That’s about all for now. Miss you all and hope to have more time soon… “Spring Break” is just a couple weeks away. 🙂

Peace & Love Everyone!!


    1. Awww thank you John!! Yes, I am alive and doing well! I feel bad (or sad) that I haven’t been keeping up on reading your posts (as well as everyone else’s), but I promise to catch up. School is only two days a week… but homework seems to be 24/7! Doing some this very moment actually. I miss you and ‘the girls’, and will read what’s been going on very soon. I hope you are all doing great!

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  1. Oh Lord – where do you live? At the gates of paradise? I would love to see such a rainbow live…wonderfully taken picture:)

    All the best

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    1. Thank you! I’ve never thought of it as near paradise (near Los Angeles) but every now and then it surprises me with wonders like this one. 😄 actually yesterday I was surrounded by butterflies everywhere. I looked it up I guess they are migrating right now.

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  2. Janet, I am enjoying checking out more of your photography. I like how you formatted your rainbow image. Some of the best rainbows for me usually happen while I am driving.

    Congratulations on your anniversary! This is really something to shout about.

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