The Jigger is Up

In days of old

I caught ahold

Of things experimental.

I soon found out

Without a doubt

That this was consequential.

I lost my wit

My self was split

My memories fragmental.

A rule of thumb:

That offbeat drum

Which sounds so instrumental

Can lead the way

To one’s decay

And all that’s detrimental.

To quench that thirst

Consider first

Something more transcendental.

I was trying to avoid writing today, but I thought ‘detrimental’ deserved some attention… and fun rhymes were singing in my head; threatening to make me a little crazy if I didn’t sit and write them down.

On another note, I finally took that first step yesterday and started walking. I’m hoping to do it again today, to get a jump on the whole “be more active in 2019” plan, something I’m going to be mindful of this year.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


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