New Reflections

After working on my last image The View, I got an idea for a new series I want to try.

And I’m going to try and stick to my guns this time!

I’m going to focus on images that have views or reflections within the photograph, similar to when I set out to do that “frames within frames” project some months ago.

But I’m going to do varying effects on one image- like my featured image that retains the photograph in the window reflection, but a sketched effect for the building and trees. I’ve been wanting to jazz things up, and this will give me some great practice and a new approach to some old images as well.

I love change!


  1. To me, this represents the illusion that vision really is. When you look at the world, you are not really seeing what’s there, according to the latest brilliant physics people. (You can see here that I am a bit scientifically challenged. But I kind of get what they’re saying.) So looking at a reflection within a reflection is mind-bending.
    Love it!!!

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    1. Oh thank you!! Yeah I kinda get what you mean and kinda not lol. I am scientifically challenged too but I get the drift. That’s kinda why I change up photos too. Its like… Hmmmm… Now what did I REALLY see. 😀👀

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