Light Trickles

Indecision may or may not be my problem. -Jimmy Buffet

After altering this photograph enough times I decided to go for the variety pack image… (thanks for the suggestion Nickel boy) hence the somewhat applicable quote. 😉

I think the purple negative at bottom right is actually my favorite. Below are clickable versions for anyone interested.

After all of the reading I’ve been doing it was nice to sit and clear my head by working on this. But I’ll get back to my reading soon. I am absolutely fascinated by all things relating to psychology.

More and more light trickles in as I discover things about our minds, our personalities, and society- and it really HAS helped me with the whole self-acceptance thing. You know… something I realized is that it’s not looking back at my old self that gets me off track and feeling a little “less than”… it’s looking too far ahead.

I do believe that God is taking me to amazing places, but spending too much of my time and energy trying to zero in on what I think the future will (or should) look like is what’s been tripping me up. Especially when you consider that I spend a lot of time in my head.

It was SO enlightening to see the light! The past is gone, and I’ve let go of that… but trying to peer into the future is what’s been stealing my NOW moments. Not only do I miss what’s in front of me, but my self-acceptance starts to diminish- because I am HERE- NOT THERE… not in that futuristic imaginary place that I so vividly painted in my mind.

ONE STEP AT A TIME needs to be my mantra these days. I’ve already learned what God thinks about shortcuts, so the next indicated step is the only step I need to take. I’ll never be a thousand steps ahead if I don’t take those 999 other steps that lead there!

My old self was always in a hurry. Trying to get 1000 steps ahead in ONE death defying leap. 😉 But, no more!

Anyway… I guess it all comes back to living in the present, which I already knew! But I accept the fact that I forget– remind myself…

…and here I am again!

Right HERE, Right NOW! Being present! 🙂

Life is good, and God is GREAT! Love you guys!! Off to catch up on some of your posts! xo


  1. Thanks for the mention, Janet! This came out great! I’m finding myself wondering “Which is the real original image?” I was almost convinced it was the one in the upper left corner! I agree with you as far as favorite of the six, however, I will come back later and see if my feeling for color preference changes, as it often does depending on my mood! Thanks again!

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  2. With a masters degree in counseling, I am the last person to offer advice, however, pointing out scripture is something I am very comfortable to do. I am in a lot of pain right now and limiting my writing time, otherwise I would look up the verse. Look up the verse when Jesus asks ” who among you through worry could change……. ” I have a therapist who helps me stay present focused…..the concept of being in living in the moment. Prayers for your walk of faith!

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    1. Yeah I know! I have scripture that backs up everything I learn. It all goes hand in hand which is the real beauty of it all. I am so sorry you are in pain and I will pray and continue to pray for you Rick!! ❤


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