Shades of Spring

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi

I’m not a huge fan of pastels, but I thought this was a good fit for the season. And I’m pretty sure that this is a dove. Pigeons and doves confuse me sometimes.

I don’t know if I shared that quote before, but it’s been my mantra for the past week and will continue to be for awhile. I realized recently that I was getting WAY ahead of myself for a little while. Or way ahead of God I should say. Sometimes I get some grandiose ideas and then I realize that there are still very small things that I’ve yet to tackle!

That’s a bit humbling. And alcoholic thinking.

Anyway, I guess a good thing to remember when walking with God is to walk WITH Him, not a mile or so ahead! What’s funny is I’ve been thinking about that a lot and wanted to do a post called No Shortcuts! Then today, I’m reading In the Grip of Grace, by Max Lucado and I came across this:

“What we consider shortcuts God sees as disasters.”

Amen to that. I’ve taken shortcuts for so many years that it’s still a struggle to pause and be still sometimes, but I am definitely making progress! And I’m going to be working on the little things that need to be done. For now. 🙂

I may still write that post. Later. For now it’s time for lights out.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Wauw Janet. This post made me all quiet…. it is exactly what I needed to read. From the title to the very end. I am headed for disaster and I dont even see it….. I really need to slow down. Thank you for your wise words Janet.

    Oh that picture is absolutely gorgeous!!

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    1. Ahhh. I see! Well, you seemed like you were on the right track about your creativity. It’s ok to be creative! Just don’t make drastic, sudden moves I guess… I’m not sure where you were going with all of that, but yeah… what I am learning is to slow down and really, really try to understand where God is leading me. As my pastor says, if you’re not sure… don’t do anything. As in anything DRASTIC. Just chill. Create. Relax. I guess. I sure wish I could write my post. It’s all in my head but the words just won’t come out right on paper. That hardly ever happens! Dang it.

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    2. Yeah. I’m sure there is more He wants to add. 🙂 It’s so exciting and I just want to write about it though!! Soon I tell you… soon!

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