My Own Drum

“They can’t hear my drums, but they can see me dance!” -Anonymous

So… the drums were never in my head this morning- it actually happened by accident. I’m still experimenting with glass over images (and probably will for a long time), but I wasn’t feeling it this morning. The glass seemed to hide the image too much.

Anyway, I stumbled on this overlay- it’s a drum cymbal! I had to tell you because I’m not sure anyone would guess. I only know… because I know. 😉

That may be a fun series though! Guess what the background object isI might do that!

The grandsons are here, and it’s time to get out… so until later- enjoy your day (or evening)



  1. I would have never guessed drum cymbals! I was thinking one of those long exposure photos of the stars at night when the camera is pointed at the North Star. I en being visually tricked like that. This could be a great series!

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