Hiding Behind Wings

I absolutely LOVE this birds wing. I remember taking the photo, but it must have blended in with the many other photos I took that day and I never really sat down to view it.

Anyway, the sky was dull, so I’ve used paint colors and the smudge tool (which would explain all of the sky smudges!). A painter I am NOT, but I found that it’s a GREAT tool for relaxation! So… you might see more smudgy images popping up.

I’d say the wings are quite heavenly… so this is my divine image for today.



    1. Thanks! I use several. Photoshop, and an app called PicsArt is the one that gives the effect of it being a painting. But now that I am learning to use Photoshop to paint… This is going to be interesting. 😮 I cant paint well but I am going to see if I can learn!


    1. Yes, I’m using photoshop and I do use an app called PicsArt that adds the look of a painting, etc., but Photoshop is what I’m spending time on lately, learning to crop and merge better.


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