Inside Our Ginkgo


Our Ginkgo is too tall to get the whole tree into a good photograph, so I decided to get inside of it and look up. I kind of like how it came out!

Below is a black and white, from another angle. I’ve always loved black and whites, but there’s so much color around lately, it’s hard not to show it. I really DO like this one! Except it’s really hard to see the details or outline of the leaves.

I realized today that I lost my glasses awhile back and am so used to not wearing them that this is probably the reason I have a hard time seeing through the lens! Go figure.



  1. Uhm, ya, it’s helpful to be able to see what you are pointing your camera at, lol. I absolutely LOVED the black and white of the tree. Really, a wonderful photograph. The more I see what you can do, the more I am considering seriously my earlier thoughts on possibly taking up photography. I always see things and am always thinking “that would be a cool picture.” Dunno, down the road. Right now I have to worry about how I am going to replace my razor that is now like shaving with plastic blades…ugh

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    1. Thanks Rob. Yes, that tree looks really soft and delicate in B&W. I hear you about the razor first, then the other stuff. And yes, I need to get my glasses replaced lol.

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    2. I just got mine from the VA on Wednesday, same-can’t see far. I didn’t realize how much I missed them since last march when my EX FROM HELL smashed them in a drunken rage. Wait until I let that shit out, oh boy…

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