Danger: Isolation Ahead

Our pastor is always saying… “Surrender is THIS way” as he points ahead, “and everything else is that way,”as he points behind his back. Move towards recovery and spiritual growth, or keep going back to what you’re accustomed to; the things that aren’t healthy.

In the fourteen months that I spent going up and down, and in and out of recovery, I began to grasp the concept. I realized that there were two major factors that kept causing me to fall, and they actually went hand in hand; loneliness and unhealthy relationships. The loneliness was brought on by my tendency to isolate.

As I started “week one” of this blog, I felt that pull. I was sensing the desire to withdraw from all of the things that have gotten me this far, hunker down in isolation, and write. It was a swift reminder of the pastor’s lesson: “Keep moving forward… not back to where you came from!”

The more I nurture my relationship with God, the more I feel His layer of protection around me. Writing is great, but surrender is supreme. Thanks to His nudging, my priorities are in order, and I’m moving forward. Writing… but holding fast to my healthy habits, and staying “connected.”

I have always believed that people who thank God only for delivering them from what happened are just scraping the surface of praise. The real praise comes when you start thanking Him for what could have happened but didn’t because of His swift grace! T.D. Jakes


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