Pigeon Play

Aristocratic urbanite, 

Invisible ruler of the air,

City dwellers and sophisticates,

Ne’er concede that you are there.

Peristeronic transient, 

Lurking in the shadows, 

‘Neath the underpass.

An epicurean scavenger,

Devouring feasts,

Foraged from the mass.

Metaphoric peregrine,

Prophetic symbol, 

Sent from above.

Your ancient meaning, 

Oft misconstrued,

Luminous messenger,

Of luck . . .

And Love.

Weekend Writing Challenge: Peristeronic (a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 53 words)

This was an interesting challenge. I looked into pigeons a bit to see what the consensus was, and they really do get mixed reviews. Some people see them as dirty city birds, while others consider them like the dove—beautiful signs of peace, luck, or love.

I appreciate the fact that it can go either way, it’s another reminder of how subjectivity works . . . it’s all in the mind of the observer.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Photo-art by me.