1. Hilarious–lessons wouldn’t help me a bit, but I don’t let it stop me (the audience of One). Back in junior high I SO wanted to be in choir/chorus…but was denied 🙂

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    1. Oh my. I didn’t know they could deny people. That’s probably illegal now. At my church they say you don’t have to know how to sing to be in choir, just stand up there and move your mouth quietly saying something like I love white elephants. Haha! Fake singers. I think they were joking but too funny. Well glad you have the freedom now!


    2. Well, it was a long time ago, public school… Probably best that I face the truth, I couldn’t sing to save my life!! 🙂 I love the perspective of your church–everyone welcome to sing–or move their mouths quietly. I could do that!!! Blessings to you!! ❤

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