The “A” Word

Well, here we go… it’s time for Alphabet Game 2023! (“Oh God,” the crowd groans. “Not another alphabet game”).

This time I’m going to make it easy. I’m going to think of a word for each letter, and then I’ll use that word to inspire my post – and the post can be anything. It might be an illustration, a photograph (unlikely, but always possible), a short fiction story, a poem, or maybe just a few of my random thoughts on the word or what it led me to thinking about.


So… I thought of the word ABANDONED and I wanted to do an illustration that offered my depiction of the word.

Abandoned is often considered bad, like “having been deserted or cast off,” so I highlighted the woman and left only the shadow of the man. Perhaps he’s been left in the dark, and he’s abandoned all hope. Or maybe the woman is only imagining that the man is there because she’s been abandoned by her lover.

Abandoned can also be good, like “unrestrained or uninhibited,” so maybe this couple is dancing with reckless abandon, or abandoned enthusiasm.

Lastly, it’s always good to abandon negative thinking, or bad habits, and sometimes I even abandon my ideas (a forewarning that it’s possible I’ll abandon ship before reaching the letter Z!)

I hope you enjoyed the “A” word and I’ll see you around soon… for the letter “B.”

Until then,
Peace & Love!

Thoughts On-Demand

“A Penny for your Thoughts.”

Well… my short (but sweet) attempt to keep up with the 2023 #bloganuary challenge came to an abrupt stand still when I thought about the question that was posed on January 6th…

Why do you write?

What I wanted to say is that I write because I have something to say, but as I sat at the keyboard, racking my brain for the best way to say that – be it witty, profound, or even the slightest bit interesting or entertaining – nothing (and I mean NOTHING) came to mind. 

I kinda realized that if I was having trouble answering the question as to why I write, then maybe that explains why I have a hard time sticking with writing challenges – whether it be the #bloganuary challenge or even those that I impose upon myself quite often. 

In being more introverted than extroverted… I have learned that when I am asked a question and need to respond quickly – on the spot – the words that tend to come out are nothing like what I would say if I’d been given more time to think about the question.

I need HOURS, or perhaps even DAYS. I just cannot think on demand.

My thoughts reminded me of the old idiom “a penny for your thoughts,” and it also made me realize that if I’m going to take the time to sit down and write… with the idea in mind that others are going to take the time to sit down and read… then isn’t it in everyone’s best interest for me to take my time and actually say something that is worthwhile? (or at least witty, profound, or even the slightest bit interesting or entertaining)

I don’t know. A penny isn’t much these days (in fact, I think it actually takes 2 cents to make one), but it’s a great metaphor to use when sitting down to write. Before tapping on those keys mindlessly, maybe I need to ask myself this… “What are these thoughts worth?”

So… although I came up with no real answer to the prompt… I was inspired to create an image that depicted how I was feeling. I’ve been sitting on the idea for a week now because I’ve been dog sitting, but I was finally able to finish it and I just love the idea of expressing my thoughts on the prompt through an illustration.

I have more to say (believe it or not) but I’ll save that for when I am back from the dog sitting adventure and able to concentrate. That being said, I’ll be back in a few days – later in the week.

In the meantime, thank you so much for taking the time to read (or view my illustration). I hope it was worth a penny!


The Strut

She made a grand entrance, as usual, causing quite the disturbance. Bob’s glasses fogged up, causing him to bump shoulders with the maître d’ as he rose to greet her. His wine glass soared through the air, spinning end over end as the crimson liquid showered down onto the patrons below. Finally, it hit the checkered tile floor in front of her, shattering into a million pieces.

Unfazed, she strutted her way across the debris and onto the stage…

“Good evening,” she said as the microphone reached her lips, “this one’s for you Bob.”

As I said in my last post, I’m working on “one thing a day,” so I thought I would try the Daily Spur’s word prompt: Disturbance. More and more I’ve been thinking about writing something—a novel, a screenplay, or maybe just a short story (with an actual ending!), but the fact of the matter is that writing is something I never do enough. So, I’m starting small.

I haven’t mentioned this here yet, but I’m currently taking a screenwriting class. What a strange mix… a screenwriting class and an addiction assessment and treatment class. Wow, that sounds weird. My first film will be about addiction? Perhaps!

Anyway, I also wanted to share my latest femme fatale. It’s my take on an illustration I stumbled on recently, and now that I’ve written the accompaniment, I sure wish that I had placed a microphone in her hand instead of the purse. That is another edit for another day!

I’m also learning to be one step ahead and I am pretty pleased at that. Normally I take most of the night to finish an image and by the time I sit down to share I’m exhausted. So… I’m sharing something I made last night—prior to my dragon—and so tonight I’ll be free to draw, paint, or photo edit until the wee hours of the night and then plop straight into bed.

That’s about all for now.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed something here!