His appearance stirred up anger,

Seeds of hatred had been sewn.

Antipathy grew heavy,

I began tumbling,

From my throne.


There I discovered,

His reflection,

Had been my own!

Word Count: 30Weekend Writing Prompt: Antipathy

30 words is tough, especially for a word like antipathy. I had never even heard of it until this prompt! I started digging through the internet to understand it’s meaning and—before I knew it—the morning was gone.

On another note, I thought this poem was the perfect opportunity to share something I made in school; in my first semester. The featured image is a composite piece I created for Intro to Visual Communication. Long story short, it’s supposed to represent hypocrisy. I think it also conveys the meaning of my poem, in a weird way.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the poem and the piece. Love you all…



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