It’s a New Day

Happy New Year and a Warm Welcome to 2023!

I’m so happy to be back on Day One of this brand new year! I’d love to say that things can only get better – for all of us – but I’m afraid I’d be jinxing us. That being said… let’s just keep our good thoughts and prayers going around… may we all have good health, love and peace in our lives this upcoming year… Amen.

Anyway, I decided to join the #bloganuary community this year because one whole month of prompts in my e-mailbox sounds like a win-win for my comeback this year. Not that I was gone very long, but it felt like forever and I feel 100% refreshed.

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is a question: “What is something you want to achieve this year?”

Today was a great day to think about this question because I signed up for an additional challenge (outside of WordPress) that’s called “The Week of Wonder Challenge.” It doesn’t start until tomorrow, but it was easy for me to get a head start because I’m a firm believer that “wonder” is one of life’s magical ingredients.

During my little hiatus I came to the conclusion that I make life harder than it should be. Mainly by overthinking everything, but also by picking at myself for the imperfections that I discover in myself. “Seek and you shall find!” That’s what it boils down to really. If you look hard enough you can find anything.

This year, I hope to achieve 365 Days of Wonder by seeking a little bit of wonder each and every day. It can be something as small as an ant, making it’s way up the sidewalk with an amazingly large crumb on it’s back… or it can be large and puffy, like the cloud outside of my window right now that is shaped like a lion. Or maybe that hummingbird I see by the lime tree!

The point is, I think there is wonder in everything, you just need to have the right perspective (and be paying attention) in order to see it. So that’s what I hope to accomplish this year. And it’s much more fun than overthinking or looking for imperfections.

So, I say Goodbye 2022! Here’s to 2023… and to a year filled with wonder.

Peace & Love!


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