Thoughts On-Demand

“A Penny for your Thoughts.”

Well… my short (but sweet) attempt to keep up with the 2023 #bloganuary challenge came to an abrupt stand still when I thought about the question that was posed on January 6th…

Why do you write?

What I wanted to say is that I write because I have something to say, but as I sat at the keyboard, racking my brain for the best way to say that – be it witty, profound, or even the slightest bit interesting or entertaining – nothing (and I mean NOTHING) came to mind. 

I kinda realized that if I was having trouble answering the question as to why I write, then maybe that explains why I have a hard time sticking with writing challenges – whether it be the #bloganuary challenge or even those that I impose upon myself quite often. 

In being more introverted than extroverted… I have learned that when I am asked a question and need to respond quickly – on the spot – the words that tend to come out are nothing like what I would say if I’d been given more time to think about the question.

I need HOURS, or perhaps even DAYS. I just cannot think on demand.

My thoughts reminded me of the old idiom “a penny for your thoughts,” and it also made me realize that if I’m going to take the time to sit down and write… with the idea in mind that others are going to take the time to sit down and read… then isn’t it in everyone’s best interest for me to take my time and actually say something that is worthwhile? (or at least witty, profound, or even the slightest bit interesting or entertaining)

I don’t know. A penny isn’t much these days (in fact, I think it actually takes 2 cents to make one), but it’s a great metaphor to use when sitting down to write. Before tapping on those keys mindlessly, maybe I need to ask myself this… “What are these thoughts worth?”

So… although I came up with no real answer to the prompt… I was inspired to create an image that depicted how I was feeling. I’ve been sitting on the idea for a week now because I’ve been dog sitting, but I was finally able to finish it and I just love the idea of expressing my thoughts on the prompt through an illustration.

I have more to say (believe it or not) but I’ll save that for when I am back from the dog sitting adventure and able to concentrate. That being said, I’ll be back in a few days – later in the week.

In the meantime, thank you so much for taking the time to read (or view my illustration). I hope it was worth a penny!


The Funny Side

Does Anybody Remember Laughter? Robert Plant

I signed up for a fabric designing tutorial recently and the woman who authors the website and videos (Bonnie Christine) offered her readers a free gift – a printable pdf of daily art prompts for the entire year. This morning I decided to mull through it and I thought it would be fun to combine a few of the prompts to create something fun.

In the meantime, I realized that today’s #bloganuary prompt fit in well with my humorous theme: What brings you joy in life?

There are many things that bring me joy, but laughter wins the prize because it’s like a secret weapon. When I was struggling – feeling down and out and completely lost – my friend Gil would always be there, ready to respond to my text messages, and somehow he always managed to make me smile and laugh.

It wasn’t that the laughter removed any hardships that I was experiencing, and it wasn’t like I was trying to pretend that the difficulties weren’t real, it was more about the valuable lesson that I was learning… that hard times and laughter can coexist. And that laughter helps us keep plowing through.

Of course, we also need friends like Gil who take the time to be there for us – and actually make us laugh – so I’d have to say that friendship is right up there as well… tied for first place.

So, the art prompts I chose today were Unicorn, Storefront, and Sale Banner. I thought they made for a funny combo. I’ll tell you one thing though, illustrating a unicorn is no walk in the park. And by the look of things… he better skedaddle quickly before someone snatches his horn!

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading or checking out my illustration!


(love you Gil!)

Big Bertha…

I thought I’d share a little of my excitement about my latest hobby… sewing!

Denim, to be exact.

I’m quite the beginner, and last year I started out with a batch of patchwork pillowcases made out of squares cut from old jeans. They’re kind of amusing. This year, I’m taking the bull by the horns and doing purses and various other bags – all from denim. Continue reading →