R, R, & R.

I thought this was a perfect illustration for my post this evening.

Originally, I was only going to do the woman’s head (see below), but I decided to add a body because I wanted to practice poses. The girl was done in Illustrator and then I added the photograph of a book because I was too tired to illustrate the book myself (haha!).

The reason I wanted to add the book in the first place was because – after I moved the tilt of her head to fit her body – she looked like she was sleeping. So, as you can see, she’s doing a little R, R, and R (reading, rest, and relaxation). That’s actually what makes it so fitting for this post because the R, R, and R is something I’m going to be doing for a while.

I decided to back off on the blogging for the time being. I have so many ideas, yet I find it so hard to zero in… so I thought that a nice breather until 2023 might do us all some good. Don’t quote me on that, as it’s not unlike me to change my mind, but it looks like that’s where I’m headed.

The holidays are coming, I have some reading I want to do, and I’m thinking about writing again soon but this time doing it offline. That way things will be edited and ready to go next year and all I’ll need to do is add some cool illustrations to the completed stories. It sounds like a great plan to me… hopefully I can pull it off!

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Thanks for checking out my work… I hope you enjoyed!


I’ll be popping by to see your work while I am away… so I’ll see you around!



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