Brown-eyed Girl

The latest female illustration…

I started this brown-eyed girl a month or so ago and then I got sidetracked. I found it yesterday and noticed that her face was flat and pale, so today I worked on some shadows and highlights and then oil paint effects for some texture and softness.

Like I said before, hair is difficult in Illustrator, so I’m going to watch a few tutorials over the next week or two to learn how to make realistic strands. So you should expect some wild and crazy hairdos in the near future! I hope to look back at these one day and see how far I’ve come with my techniques.

Just an FYI… I’ve been thinking about the story and I have to say that – for the time being – I haven’t the foggiest idea what to write about. My mind doth protest too much, me thinks! I will try to pick it up again after the new year, if not sooner.

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Thank you for checking out my work… I hope you enjoyed!

Until later,
Peace & Love.

I included the original image below, for reference and kicks.



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