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A Fictional Series

I’ll never forget the first time I fell in love. I’d known her for what seemed like forever, but I’d never really noticed her. Not that way.

Levi was cute, don’t get me wrong, but she was my baby sister’s best friend and she was like a part of our family. Not to mention the fact that we were just kids.

Years earlier, she had kissed me during a game of spin the bottle. It was a nice kiss, my first French kiss actually, but Levi really caught me off guard when she plunged her tongue down my throat.

I wasn’t complaining… heck no… but my friends and Dizzy appeared to be in shock when she did it, and Levi stood there looking uneasy and embarrassed, so I started acting like a goofball to ease the tension.

Levi totally avoided me after the incident. She still hung out at the house, playing with Dizzy and all, but she stopped making eye contact, and she never uttered a word when I was around.

My name is Martin Bale, and this is my story.

There’s not a lot to say about my life prior to all of this. We were a family of boys, with the exception of my sister Dizzy, and life was good. I grew up with a number of male role models, and a handful of friends, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After high school, I moved into a small studio near the college, but I traveled back and forth quite a bit – mainly when my dad asked me to help out. Picking up the girls from Dizzy’s Senior dance was one such task.

I sat in my car and waited for about a half an hour until the kids began to pile out of the auditorium. They were like a herd of elephants – dressed to the hilt. There was an obvious contrast between their behavior and the fancy attire.

Some of the boys were pushing and shoving, while others were gadding about as if they had no real place to be. I spotted Dizzy, her long dress sweeping the ground as it was a bit too big for her petite frame, and then I noticed Levi coming out from behind her.

Out of all the odd characters I’d seen – looking like little minions in their ill-fitting formal attire – there was Levi – totally standing out – sporting bellbottom hip huggers and a crop top like it was just another ordinary day.

She looked all grown up, and much prettier than I remembered.

“That’s the girl I’m going to marry,” I thought to myself.

She looked so daring, so rebellious, and… well… like she was just the coolest chick ever.

A Note From Me

Martin’s story came to me as kind of a joke. My friend Gil (who I’ve mentioned here many times) commented on one of my posts saying that he remembered my “hippie” days. He remembered a choker that I used to wear (and he should because it’s in one of our school pictures), but what I will never forget were my purple corduroy hip-hugger bell bottoms. They were the coolest!

I added some 60s or 70s flair to the image to make it a bit dreamy, and then blurred it a bit… so it’s kind of one of those “what he saw” images. You know, like how our memories can be slightly exaggerated when we want to remember special things. Her nose got a bit lost in the process, but her nose isn’t the point here – haha!

Anyway, that’s about all for tonight. Thank you for reading!

I hope you found some entertainment, enjoyment, or amusement here.

Until later,
Peace & Love!

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