It’s All Mathematical

A Bit of Fiction & Illustration

The other passengers sat back, watching, listening, and moving in sync as the two women gave an impressive, but modest, performance.

“That was beautiful Isabella,” applauded a man who stood nearby. “And Lina, you move so gracefully… a superb combination of rhythm and mathematics.”

“Thank you Hugo,” Lina said, as she curtsied playfully in the aisle.

Isabella, the quiet young musician, blushed and silently nodded in appreciation.

Hugo appeared to be another frequent rider of the Number 5. He had his own little hub established, and a chalkboard that was exploding with equations. He had a brilliant mind, Lina informed Melody, and he was a professor at the university that Star was attending.

Hugo looked at his board with scrutiny, and then he looked as though a lightbulb had switched on. “I think I’ve finally solved this one,” he said, scrawling unfamiliar chalk marks, his bald head beaded with sweat.

Melody came to the conclusion that he may have slept on the bus, perhaps more than just one night. His clothes were quite disheveled, and the contents of his hub seemed somewhat immobile. Between Hugo’s appearance, and Star’s bare feet, Melody wondered which university it was – exactly – that the two were affiliated with.

“This calls for a celebration!” Hugo shouted, as he finalized his equation and wiped his brow with a handkerchief.

Lina suggested that they take a break from the stuffy old bus, to breathe fresh air and explore the surroundings. The area was quite rural, and Melody was sure there was nothing out there that she hadn’t seen before, but the passengers had already eagerly agreed and were headed toward the door.

As Melody caught up with her at the exit, Lina leaned in and whispered, “It will be fine, sweetie… consider this your first new adventure.”


I think we have just one more part to go and then the story will conclude. Yay! Hugo was a lot of fun to make, and to write about. I added an HDR & oil paint effect to this illustration to help make it pop. His chalkboard leg is supposed to be propped up on the chair, but I’m afraid it just looks like I didn’t finish the rectangle. Ha! Bad math, I guess.

Anyway, we’ve met all 5 of the passengers on the Number 5, and the adventure now begins… and then ends.

That’s about all for now. Thank you for reading, or viewing. I hope you enjoyed.

Until later,

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