A Mysterious Man

Fiction & Illustration

Hollywood was not what Scarlett had imagined. While she may have saved herself from Mrs. Moonie’s manipulative schemes, backing out of the old devil’s plot in the nick of time, she realized quickly that Hollywood was crawling with people who were just like her – conspirators, scammers, and philanderers, to name a few.

Perhaps the town had been different in times past, but it was nothing like what Scarlett had seen in the movies, or in the brochures that she had collected over the years. And it certainly wasn’t the city that she had dreamt about.

As strange as it sounds, Scarlett toured the town incognito. She feared that she might be recognized. Surely no one from home knew where she’d gone, or would even come looking for her, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she would be found out. Perhaps the guilt she felt for leaving poor George at the altar was playing tricks on her mind.

Then, one evening at the theater, a mysterious man sat not far behind her. At first, it was his black gloves that caught her attention, but then she noticed that he was holding a vase which contained four red rose buds – quite similar to those from her bouquet which she had dropped on the side of the road as she fled to escape her nuptials.

Scarlett’s heart raced. She tried to focus on the stage, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about the mysterious man behind her. The way he was sitting bothered her, too. He seemed arrogant, and she was beginning to get angry. She had paid good money for her ticket and now her money had been wasted. She was missing the whole show, and it was all because of him.

“When that curtain goes down,” she thought to herself, “I am going to confront that man.”


I was so thrilled to use the word mysterious, but I’m not thrilled (yet) with where the story of Scarlett is going. Maybe tomorrow’s word will bring her some excitement. I hope so!

Anyway, I really enjoyed doing the illustration, so it was a win for the night.

Thanks for reading!

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