Surprise Visitor

..Surprise Visitor (#9)..

Bob was lost in his head (thinking about that night some seventeen years ago) when Anastasia finally finished her song. As the applause died down, she gestured to someone behind the crowd and every eye in the room looked to see a stunning young girl. She seemed to be a teenager, but her beauty was that of someone much older. She moved as Anastasia did, with a swagger that could turn heads.

As Anastasia began to speak, the young girl opened the window to reveal the beautiful night sky and an explosion of colorful fireworks. Anastasia’s words were silenced beneath the thunderous noise, but Bob was sure that he could tell what her lips had said, and he was flabbergasted… in disbelief of what he had heard.

“… this is my daughter everyone…”

(to be continued)

Personal Note

I’m learning something important about my idea of an ongoing story. I need to set a limit of prompts to reach an end or the tale could go on FOREVER. Ha! This is #9, so I think I’ll give myself 6 more, hitting a max of 15 word prompts in one saga. I’m rather enjoying myself, and I think that I might start a new one when this one is complete.

I miss sharing “other” things though, so I might give it a rest in between for some of my usual stuff. I’m still not certain where this one will end up… but with Anastasia’s “surprise” daughter in the picture now… things may get interesting.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

This is an ongoing story, continued each day (more or less) using the Daily Spur’s word prompt. I’ve moved the previously published parts, rearranged to run as a normal story, HERE. Just in case you are interested in reading it in it’s entirety. This is purely for entertainment purposes (hopefully yours and not just mine), so if the story doesn’t do that, or you’re just not interested in reading it, I hope that my illustrations will bring you some joy. Today’s word is: Teenager.


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