My Beating Heart

There is music wherever there is rhythm, as there is life wherever there beats a pulse.

Igor Stravinsky

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but it seemed like the perfect time to share something that I’ve been thinking about for a while:

Electrocardiogram Art.

The idea came to me when I was working on my emotion images. In the end, what I want to do is take something that I’ve photographed, or an illustration that I’ve created, and then add an EKG that “beats” to the image—maybe fast, maybe slow, or perhaps a little flatliner. This could get interesting!

Anyway, the featured image is a test run… as well as my way of saying “happy hearts day.”

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!

Say I’m a fool
Say I’m nothing
But if I’m a fool for you
Oh, that’s something
Two hearts beat as one.



    1. Thank you! I just finished Part 2 by the way. Awesome stuff! The very end freaked me out though what movie is that scene from?? The voice saying “mother” or “brother” I couldn’t tell what I was seeing but the voice was a bit scary in my headphones especially in my dark room hahahaha. Anyway loved it. Will watch 3 tomorrow. Sorry to comment here instead of there, but I was already here.

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    2. Haha😄 Yeah that part is freaky… It can’t help that I cranked the volume to 11 on the edit🤣…The movie is “Tree of Life” and there will be a 2nd snippet from it shortly into part 3. He’s saying, “Brother. Mother. It was they who lead me to your door.” I don’t remember what it means exactly, but it sounds biblical.

      If you’ve enjoyed it thus far I think you’re really gonna like part 3🙂 It’s nearly twice as long though! And I will also forewarn you, there’s another sneaky scary part at the very end (after the credits). So maybe turn down your Beats until it’s safe😉

      Here is great🙂 And thanks for watching -EF

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