This evening, I was surprised to learn that bullseye is another idiom. Who knew? I had no idea until I was thinking about the words that could accompany my art. I started a Haiku, but it seemed too dull and old school for a somewhat contemporary illustration.

So, I googled “bullseye” and found it on theidioms.com (a site that I didn’t know existed until today), so I figured it might be fun to make bullseye my word of the month. We’re almost at month’s end anyway, so I won’t have to stick with it too long. Ha!!

Bull’s Eye


  • the center of a target
  • when an outcome is the best one possible
  • to be on point
  • to hit the center of a target successfully
  • get something exactly right, or be on target

According to my source, the word became associated with archers hitting a target in the 1880’s, when English yeomen tried to show off their expertise by shooting through the eye of a bull’s empty skull. It is also said that the black center of a target looks like the black of the eye of a bull, or the five-shilling coin that was commonly referred to as a “bull’s eye”.

Source: https://www.theidioms.com/bulls-eye/

I’m not sure where any further exploration of the word would take me, but what my illustration seems to say to me is that sometimes you can hit your mark without getting a bullseye. The fun is in the trying.

It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about playing the game.

That’s my two cents, anyway.

Until next time…
Peace & Love!


  1. Love your illustration and thank you for the information about the bullseye! I love stuff like that. I will check out this site! Hugs!

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  2. I totally LOVE this: “sometimes you can hit your mark without getting a bullseye. The fun is in the trying”. 🙂 Take care of YOU, Lady J! ❤

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  3. Nice illustration! And another vivid theme to spark further creativity🎯 I’m seeing a lot of parallels to setting goals and accomplishing. Something I’m doing a lot of this new year. Visualizing the target, and the arrow hitting it is key!

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