Fairytale’s End

Green eyed and fair haired,

Irish maiden waits in vain,

Alone, evermore.

By no means did I plan on popping back in and being a downer… it’s JUST a haiku. Saying that makes me think of my mom. Whenever we watch our shows she’s always asking me… “why did this person do that, or why did that person do this? I’m like… well… because it’s in the script. It’s JUST a show mom. She cracks me up.

I suppose my haiku does sound a little sad, but it really depends on your perspective. Maybe she’s actually joyful because she’s realized that she doesn’t need a partner to be whole. Maybe she’s discovered that the fairytale she was dreaming of all of her life was just that… an imaginary story. A myth. I think it’s the “happily ever after” part that leads most people astray. Believing that everything will be better when you find “the one” is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, I have another chapter of my story to rewrite, and I’m really excited about it, but it’s taking some time. I hope to be back with that by the end of the month.

Until then, peace & love and thanks for reading!

Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge: Ever and More


  1. I for one, remain a believer. I also believe the real myth appears in the presumption of perception that’s predicated on our preconceived conditions or notions what perfect looks to us and in doing so, we oft miss repeated chances of being perfectly found, but instead fault imperfect storylines. imo

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    1. I hear you. Personally, in my own case, my fairytale-like expectations were unattainable. So, nobody would ever measure up or would miraculously “fix” what was wrong in my life, which I discovered later was “me.” 😎

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  2. Love it❣️⚡️

    The princess is fine on her own and will live confidently and patiently and joyfully until a worthy prince is able to “find” her and because the princess is strong and whole, she will know if he’s part of her HEA (happily ever after) equation ❣️❣️

    Great art and haiku❤️🤗

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