Colour My World

I’m back for another “Daily Gratitude!” Before I start, I have to say that my inner rebel is coming out today. I grew up with the American version—COLOR—and I always feel cheated when I spell it that way. It looks so boring!

Who would have thought that a simple little U could offer so much style and pizzazz? My pre-installed dictionary disagrees, however. It’s been fighting me tooth and nail—insisting I’ve committed some kind of crime—a naughty little typographical error.

So that is that. I’m going against everything I was taught, and I’m spelling it the COLOURFUL way.

So… back to gratitude. Today I am thankful for LinkedIn Learning (formerly, and the fact that the college I’m attending has given students FREE access. For anyone stuck (and feeling bored) under the “stay at home” restriction, online tutorials are a great way to cure the blues and actually learn something.

It’s funny for me to say that because I usually NEVER have the patience to watch tutorials (or read instructions). But… in just a few 5 minute lessons so far, I’ve learned things that I can do in Photoshop that I was never aware of before. And I’ve been using it for years!

The featured image is a recycle; a black and white that I shared some years ago. I used it as my test subject and I’ve added some bold COLOUR to it, to make it more dramatic; dark sepia to blue. An added bonus to the LinkedIn Learning is that completion certificates can be loaded to your profile, and they add a little something to your resume—something many of us may be updating real soon.

That’s about all for now. Thank you for reading!

Colour is like food for the spirit—Plus it’s not addictive or fattening.

Isaac Mizrahi

I thought that quote was perfect for everything I’m into at the moment. Give me some colour… but hold the sugar please!


  1. I’m fully “Canadianized” having been bred in Great Northern Captivity. But, I write American – dropped the U awhile back. Mostly out of conservation concerns for the Alphabet and undue stress on the vowels. “U” is cool either way … in or out. Colour/Color/Colore is the only reason anyone looks at a Rainbow. It owes you some thanks. How I see it, Janet 😊


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