The Quest

They came in droves and they filled the store,

Faces straight, they were on a quest.

Carts overflowing, non-perishables,

That they’d safely keep in their nest.

An innocent act, at first it seemed,

But some… oh they failed the test.

They bought, and they bought, and they piled it HIGH,

Leaving nothing, not a stitch, for the rest.

Written for the Word of the Day Challenge: Quest


    1. True. I actually wrote that after hearing about people trying to resell overpriced merchandise (that they obviously stockpiled) online at places like Amazon. That’s pretty low! Makes my stomach churn.

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    2. I just approached another blogger with an offer to purchase their overstocked dry goods and donate to a local food bank. Hopefully, the message gets through. We need to be better at being decent humans.

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    1. Oh I bet! I asked the checker at Vons how she was (just being polite) and she looked at me kind of funny. I think she was thinking “how do you THINK I’m doing?!” The lines were so long. I feel for you and hope it gets better real soon! For everyone’s sake. And yes about bringing out the worst. Sad.

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