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It’s Day TWO and my motivation level is starting to skyrocket. I’m learning exciting things about my body type. Apparently I’m an apple? It’s really interesting to discover that “where” we store excess fat tells us something about what’s going on inside of that amazing body we live in.

Speaking of our amazing bodies, I wanted to backtrack and talk about something that I wrote in faded blues

“I’m not dissing myself here. All I’m saying is that my ideas about me, and the me that I see in front of me… well, they aren’t a perfect match. So, this begs the question… which one is right?

As soon as I published that post my head started spinning. It became clear to me that I was comparing what I feel like inside to what I see in the mirror (judging the book by its cover) and I was doing so based upon what I’ve been taught for decades. Maybe my reflection doesn’t measure up because my ideas on what beauty “looks like” have been shredded, warped, and twisted… by the media, by advertising, and by society.

That being said, this lifestyle change is about health, it is NOT about body shaming. I know that I don’t eat right, I know that I’m not active enough, I know that I feel sluggish most of the time, and I know that there is something going on inside of my body… something that’s telling me to PAY ATTENTION.

So… that’s what I’m doing. I’m paying attention.

Moving on now, the subtle changes that I’m aiming for in week one are my snacks. This house is full of high-calorie, no-nutritional-value snacks. And since I don’t eat regular meals most of the time, snacks are a major player around here.

WEEK ONE PLAN: I’m exchanging empty calories— cakes, cookies, potato chips, and soda (to name a few) —for fresh fruits (strawberries!), vegetables, avocados, nuts, sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate (cacoa) as needed. I’m going to take a gamble, and create some healthy smoothies that contain powdered cacoa (in lieu of those hot fudge sundaes I love so much). I’ll be sure to share the recipes whenever I hit the jackpot.

That is it! That is week one in a nutshell… no pun intended. 😉

Thank you for reading; I hope you found something of value here!

It’s time to go shopping…

About the Featured Image: I decided to do a little art for Day Two, a mysterious black and white self-portrait. It’s as close as I’m going to get with a before picture, and I’m actually happy with the story it tells. My son took the photo for me and we both noticed that I seem lopsided. It’s possible that’s from sitting weird on the couch when I use my laptop.


    1. So true. But I actually inherited my waste line from my dad. He had a problem even when he ate well. His waste was always larger than the rest of his body. I think for men they just call it a beer belly. 🤭🍺

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  1. You go, lady! yes, emptying out the old things is always the first step. When I had to change my diet for health along the way, in the beginning I found myself saying,” but this doesn’t taste like that” (hot fudge sundae) but after a while- at least three weeks for me, I began to taste what I was eating differently. The natural sweetness of vegetables began to appear as I let go of sugar, for one. I had a motivation based on serious compromises (Multiple Sclerosis) if I didn’t change my ways, and that sadly helped. I think you are giving yourself such a wonderful gift.

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    1. Awww thank you Judi! And I know exactly what you mean. My taste buds were raised on junk. I know it’s just a matter of time before some of those processed foods I love won’t look so good to me. After reading about things last night I could already feel my desire changing… to steer clear of that fake food and stuff.


  2. Nice and motivational post, Janet!
    I am still on my way to discover my body type and try to perfect it by working out when I have time, avoid late meals (even if at times if difficult, considering the fact that I have many night shifts).
    You engaged my curiosity and I will do a post with the body shapes and do’s and dont’s.
    Thank you, keep up the good work and btw, you look amazing! 🌺

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