On the Edge

I think the definition of artist is a bit enigmatic. I’ve never called myself an artist. I’ve said things like “this is some art I created,” or “I love to create art,” but that’s as far as it goes. I think the first explanation that pops into my head is the fact that I don’t use pencils, pens, or even brushes (although that may change after the new semester).

I’ve thought about this for a while now. I’ve seen other bloggers label their work contemporary art, modern art, fine-art photography, and so forth… so I started thinking that maybe I needed a name for what I do. Maybe then I’d feel comfortable saying “I am an artist.”

I looked into the different types of art, but then decided I’m too all over the place to have a specific niche like that. So, I thought some more. There are certificates you can acquire at my college, and I thought maybe a certificate would give me the validation I was looking for, or some kind of ‘authorization’ to say “I am an artist.” Or maybe it takes a degree!?

The bottom line is that I was sure there were steps I needed take, or some sort of passage that I had to pass through. Maybe it comes after you sell one of your creations, I thought. So… I stopped thinking about it.

Recently I read an article by Christian Mihai, “How Belief Influences your Life,” and it was an awesome read. I loved what he said in his post. I hit the like button, made a brief comment, and then I went back to what I was doing. Hours later, this massive light bulb went on and I thought to myself: That’s it! That’s the passage I have to pass through…

I need to believe!

Considering where I’ve come from, you would think I knew this already. Anyway, today I pulled up Miriam-Webster’s definition and I’m pretty pleased with it: One who professes and practices an imaginative art. All you need to do is profess it, and practice it?? Well, I’ll be.

My name is Janet, and I am an artist.

The image I’ve featured is an extreme experiment. It’s out of my norm—and that makes me nervous. I figured as long as I’m doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable, I might as well go all the way. And trust me, that was harder than saying I’m a recovering alcoholic! 🙂

Keep on keeping on. Life is good, and God is great!

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: Enigmatic


  1. Love the image.
    Pushing buttons to apply textures is not art. Not any more than moving a brush with paint on it is art. It is thought, motivation and intention applied to a specific message. If you work kinesthetically you are no less the artist than the one who learns academically. Culture tends to value that “certificate” over the “self-taught” artist. If you yearn for that acceptance, then do it.
    Just remember you are already an artist, academia will simply put history, context and labels to it….as well as hundreds of years of experience.
    Do you think about composition? Color? What to leave in, what to leave out? How does this image “feel”? If yes, then you are an artist.

    Print and frame some of your work. Hang it. Give it away for someone else to enjoy.
    Complete the cycle.
    The internet is not real.

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    1. Love this! I do think about those things… Sometimes yes sometimes no. Sometimes I’m just attempting to learn techniques, other times expressing a feeling or thought. But yes I want to take it further and love the idea of giving some to friends! It is always that ‘pushing it further’ step that keeps me from progressing in my endeavors. I’m always skimming. 😄 thank you for the words and advice. You’ve given me more to think about.

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  2. Hi – enjoyed your post here – and you area so humble -t hat is my favorite part of connecting with you so far.
    and sorry I did n to email you the template yet – I will get to that soon. in the meantime – had to chime in here because
    I know a few folks that wrestle with the art title – and if you can – I would say get the certficate because they do enrich you personally and help the resume – and you never really know what can help you in certain areas (like a friend of mine in Denver, Many, helped design an image that was chosen for the Denver zoo cup, and she worked in business) but before you spend money on the degree – try to make sure it will be worth any money and effort – if you plan to use it – then go for that –

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    1. Oh thank you!! I still have one year to go at college so I will check out what they have. I am getting one in graphic design but I think I chose the wrong thing haha. Although it has already come in handy! No worries about the template. I am letting ideas stew for a bit. Thanks for the comment its nice to hear a cert can help.

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