Clear Vision

Something eye opening happened recently.

I had been holding off on writing a life-journal update because it seemed there was nothing exciting to share. Eventually I did—in my No News is Good News post—but by the time I sat down to write I was tired. What I failed to mention is that I had one of those aha moments just prior to writing.

Years ago, when I was struggling and extremely anxious about the circumstances that I found myself in, I walked into a church (this was before I was a believer) and talked with a woman inside. As it happened, she was also a therapist. Long story short—after listening to me rant, she said that what ‘she was hearing’ was that I wasn’t running my life, my life was running me.

I had a very passive existence at the time. I drifted through life (although it was more like major turbulence), and waited for things to “happen.” Allowing life to unfold naturally is part of serenity (acceptance), but what I’m talking about is different.

I’m talking about never having a plan, and constantly making bad decisions. When things went south, which they inevitably always did, I’d feel helpless. I would cry out, blaming the ‘crooked’ people around me. Some of my cohorts WERE crooked, mind you, but they were in my life because I had made that choice.

My point is… although that woman never knew it, her words had an impact on me. When I was staring at the screen, mulling over the gloom of having nothing new to share, her words came back to me. I realized that I was waiting again; waiting for something to happen.

Money is tight right now, and I can’t afford to do much. School takes up most of my time. Well, yes, I am on summer break right now, but it’s too hot outside. Plus, my car is old. I worry about driving too far and the A/C doesn’t work. Gas is expensive too!

Are you seeing a pattern here? I have an endless supply of excuses.

There’s some irony for you; Endless Rivers of Hope has an endless river of excuses. Ha! 🙂 Nothing is happening because I’ve been waiting for it to happen. I could plan something, but I have too many excuses.

So… that’s what happened. Some woman took the time to listen to me years ago, and she offered me words of wisdom. Those words came back full circle, my eyes were opened (again), and I’m sitting down to make some plans.

Woo-Hoo!! Something exciting is happening!

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

—Zig Ziglar—

I did a remake of an old photograph here, for another partial portrait. My friend and I were on the Santa Monica pier that day. I’ve always loved the reflection in her glasses. You can see the boardwalk, and the people walking by. That was a great day.

Peace & Love everyone… Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. hi janet – that photo is an excellent artsy visual! love it

    and your words here show that you have such good insight and an encouraging side – which we often need for self.

    and meeting that lady who reminded you about seeing if life was running you – great story of a god appointment encounter!
    it reminded me of when a christian lady (susan) once said something that editors and touched a very parched me. It was winter 1994 and i had a bad season – a move back home flopped and i was going back to CO- had a week to go and went to see her – her joy – which later i realized was Christ’s love oozing from her fullness in Him – well it enveloped me- will never forget it – and when i got there she said “i love you so much” – she was my mom’s friend and i also liked her.
    anyhow – enjoyed your post!

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    1. Thank you and what a great story you have as well. I think we all have them at times and often fail to notice which is sad. But yes! It was a God appointment encounter for sure and I will always remember it as the first meeting on my path to Him. Thanks about the image! I had a lot of fun working on it. 😄

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    2. that is so cool how you see how it was your path leading you to HIm!
      and no worries if you do not have time – but i was wondering if you have any tips for sharing christ directly – or what worked for you? during those early stages ?
      i know i could look up tips and because my husband and i went to a christian college – well i have resources galore from those days -and quite frankly i don’t enjoy a lot of christian bloggers because they annoy me (don’t mean to be mean – but some are stuck using new king james passages and then they misuse them – or they are legalistic or even self-promoting – not all – but so many) but with your post here – reading between the lines i just sense a non-pushy and genuineness.
      so i have a few folks in my life – two used to be atheists and now are on the fence – and have been friends for a while and feel
      god stirring to share more.
      in due time – but what we have all
      come to appreciate is that we are people – friends and we respect where each other are at with their view of god – and faith walk.

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    3. That’s really tough. I was a very hard sell myself because I had lived so long believing in nothing. I prayed a LOT and read the Bible and other literature a LOT. Plus I had friends (Gil & Sherry) who stayed in super close contact with me throughout the entire process. Then it was subtle changes in my thinking, almost like moments of clarity and wisdom. I think of ‘Seek and you shall find’. With analytical minds, it’s not always a blinding light moment, you know? Some have that, while others, like me, have to go through a process and have their minds (and hearts) slowly change. A man at my church called it our “knower” a few weeks ago and I thought that was great. Our minds might not be able to wrap around the concept, but inside something changes and our “knower” tells us. I don’t know if that is a great answer. I’ve thought about writing a book about called In The Raw… a story about what new seekers and believers go through in this day and age, especially when we’re analytical people. Anyway, you’ve given me something to think about!


    4. that was a great answer – and please write that book! let me know if you need someone to proof part of it when it is done – i would love to help if you ever reach that point – also – with three books under my belt – i could offer some tips on that – even tho ya know
      now that i think about it
      writing a book is a lot like finding our faith:
      it is a process –
      that process is individual to as how god leads it and to what and where we are at a given time!

      anyhow – i have some other books as WIP and was just feeling god nudge me to single one of them out this summer –

      and lastly – again – thanks for the reply here and it reminded me that god is the one who gets people ready in their process and we can rest in Him and trust he will speak through us as He sees fit!
      i will continue to love these folks first and foremost!
      and pray for them – and …
      keep you posted if anything significant unfolds in the next couple weeks!

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    5. ps – i also love what i heard a long time ago
      ravi zacharias once told someone that he knew god was “sniffing their trail” and pursuing them because god had put him in their life like he did…
      so cool
      and so it is comforting to remember that god knows how to nudge us when we need to share and he will give us the word to say and the actions that are genuine

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    6. So awesome! And today I feel as though this was just the conversation I needed. 🙂 Yes will think about that book more. Thank you so much for inquiring and getting my mind going. I’ve been needing that kind of nudge. Love the sniffing their trail!

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    7. I have a blog to suggest you follow – Chris the story reading ape – he has daily resources for writers and I have bookmarked a few of his posts (I will try and share the link)
      and one piece of advice I recently got from his site was to make the outline for your book first – a loose outline of chapters, points – even though some of that will change – it is a nice way to start – I am going to try it for the one I have in mind for this summer.

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    8. well a template is what you would use to format the content – I can show you – leave me a comment on one of my blog posts so I have your address and I will send you an example


    1. Love when you share your story

      Always so much to draw from

      You’ve come a long ways in the best of ways with a continued right direction right focus right trajectory right spirit

      Keep going


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  2. That is some great advice right there! I too feel like I’m waiting…. but I am making every effort on changing that. Trying to get back into the things I love like blogging and other hobbies (which I at the moment have no money for…. excuses excuses).
    But even though I feel like I am waiting, life still feels good!!

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    1. Hi Becca! Hey as long as life is good it’s all good! Plus you have plenty going on in the oven 😄. Are you still in Colorado?? It is a gorgeous state. Just head to the mountains and enjoy the view… And take some pics lol

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    2. Yepp still in Colorado! It’s beautiful but also RIDICULOUSLY hot! I am so ready for autumn…. and winter! I’ve been here for 7 months now and we still have not gotten to the mountains….

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    3. I can’t believe it’s hot. I live in a town called Leadville and it snowed about 9 months or more out of the year. Too much snow! It is 2 hours from Denver. Boy if I still lived there I could come visit you.

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    4. I would have LOVED to meet you 🙂 I think this summer it has been around the 90s every single day. And waaaay to many days up to 100. Coming from the Arctic Circle it sure is a big change!

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