What am I?

Beauty is all around me,

To see, taste, smell and feel.

This collage of golden flowers,

Sits before me as I kneel.

When I pray to the Almighty,

The colors swirl about my head.

Then snuggle around my body,

Keeping me warm… inside my bed.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Kneel & Word of the Day Challenge: Almighty

Well… hopefully you’ve guessed what the featured image is. My poem sort of gives it away—wink, wink.

I’m in a really weird mood these past few days. I can’t seem to take anything seriously (I think that’s a good thing!). I had other projects in mind this morning, but when I was making my bed I realized how grateful I am for this flowery item… so I snapped a pic and made art out of it.

Peace & Love!


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