Eclectic Thoughts

How does one decipher,

Mixed messages conveyed?

Go where there is no path,

But be careful not to stray.

Reach for the stars is guidance…

That often goes around,

But can this be achieved…

When keeping both feet on the ground?

Am I shooting for the moon…

If I aim to rise above the crowd?

Or is this evidence…

That my head is in the clouds?

Unraveling ancient proverbs,

Double edged, their meanings dual,

Will knowledge bring me power…

Or the wisdom of a fool?


Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Eclectic


  1. like a majestic tree
    rooted in the ground
    and it’s crown dancing
    gloriously in the clouds
    Imagination always
    trumps knowledge
    and experience
    is homeward bound

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