Neighbors Part Two

It might be overkill, but I have been using the parrot shots to get in practice with more paint effects. I found some cool online tutorials, but they have no talking… just music. It’s fun to watch them but it can be hard to follow along and actually learn!

Anyway, I zoom in on some of the interesting pointers, and little odds and ends here and there… so I wanted to try one more version of the noisy neighbors.

Plus I liked “the parrot eating a walnut” shot. I think it came out pretty cool. Kind of like a watercolor, and I added lots of blur and smudge to it.

That’s all for now…


  1. Awesome pic! Those eyes are intense and how cool you can see how he holds it! The Jimmy Buffet parrot heads ( that might be one word) would love it! Blessings for your evening and day tomorrow! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

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