Spring Fling

Our backyard is absolutely blooming with color these past few days, and the Ginkgo is coming to life. Just about a week ago we could practically count the leaves on it!

One thing I am really grateful for this past year is living with my mom. Besides the fact that we keep each other company (and I have a roof over my head!), I’m really coming to appreciate the nature that is here. I think it took the onset of spring for me to realize it too.

I’ve known this backyard since I was about three years old and this was probably the first year I can remember where I actually watched this tree go from green to yellow, to completely bare… and now here we are again. These leaves are actually very small by the way. This shot is up-close and personal.

I haven’t been out around town much lately, so this morning I wandered around the yard to see what was new, and decided to share this little portion of our gigantic tree.



  1. Spring! Öy I need spring. I find myself missing my mom lately… which is surprising to me. Your picture is beautiful. It really shows bloom in all its glory. The spring green is one of my favorite greens.

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    1. Thanks Becca. I can understand why you would need spring. It really is refreshing. How long before your snow melts? Does it ever melt?

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    2. It does go away at some point… mid May? Spring usually comes in the end of May and lasts for 1-2 weeks. If you blink you miss it! I’m thinking of flying to Belgium in the beginning of May…. I need a break…

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    3. You should!! Getting away always helps me. I love going somewhere and then coming home with a new appreciation for home. This is the longest I have gone in ages being in one place. I need a getaway too! ⛵ at least a weekend.

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    4. Well being healthy and having peace inside of you is number one. How long have you been where you are? I was in Colorado 2 years and that was all I could handle of so much snow. It is draining. For me anyway. 😎

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    5. Well… Your heart will know. I am still not where I want to be for the remainder of my life but its a perfect stopping point for now.

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