Walking My Walk

So… I guess this would be the portion of my blog where I share about my walk, and where I’m at; the My Journey section. Maybe I over-complicated the whole thing by trying to explain it. I do that sometimes. In time it will all make sense. The main thing I want to do is properly categorize.

I hope to organize this “hodgepodge of a blog” and it ain’t easyEventually I will nail it.

I emailed my sponsor about my decision to dive back into A.A. and to start making myself more available to be of service (which I guess you could call re-committing). I just love her! Her reply was right on point…

“We can preach a better sermon with our lives than our mouths.”

One thing I failed to mention in my last post is that ALL of the meetings I’ve been attending these past six months are not your typical A.A. meetings. That information probably helps to make sense of my thoughts.

Monday night recovery is actually a class at my church, and it’s taught by our pastor (who has about 35+ years of sobriety).

Thursday and Saturday, my meetings are both through Overcomer’s Outreach, which is a Christian 12 step support group. We practice the twelve steps, but we also read Scripture… talk about Jesus… and share with the group about where we are in our lives.

We also go out to eat a lot.

It is for any and all addictions or compulsive behaviors, and Al-anon… so pretty much anyone who wants to recovery from anything. I would highly recommend this program.

My sponsor has tried to tell me (a few times actually) that it would be “most helpful” if I was to get back into regular meetings, because those are the meetings that need more light. I guess I’ve been looking at it through my self-seeking lens… which told me that I only want to attend meetings that fill me up.

Feeling stuck lately made me realize that my involvement in the program isn’t to sit around and soak it all in. You have to give it away. That’s the whole purpose of step 12; to get OUT of myself and share all that stuff I’ve been soaking in. Wring out the sponge, so to speak.

Anyway- I made it to a regular meeting this afternoon and got to see lots of old peeps, took over the phone list commitment, and got some information about being on a panel that visits hospitals and institutions.

So… things are moving along today. I know I’m going in the right direction because a little teeny cloud of guilt that’s been hanging over my head has suddenly dissipated.


Life is good, and God is great!!


  1. Awesome news about your progression! Especially getting to the how can I be of service question! Being diagnosed with severe recurring clinical depression, I find my blog to be a source of centering that keeps me connected to scripture but also to a community of such cool and diverse people. I really feel a connection with people who read my blog and am so humbled! Thank you for sharing your talents and walk of faith! Ps; and thanks for lookin’ out for me!

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    1. Thank you Rick!! Yes I love blogging for same reasons but started neglecting all other areas. 😦 back on track. And you are welcome. Always watching you. 👀👀👍


  2. Wow seems you’ve come to some enlightened conclusions. I have found that my involvement in “the program”, expands and contracts like breathing. “It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you give”.

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    1. Thanks and yes I believe that’s true. I am sure its why I felt like I was stuck. I feel great today! ❤ Much clearer conscience too. 😄

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yes… she is wise and I should listen to her more 😉 Luckily she is patient, too. 🙂


  3. It will be 35 yrs for me as of April 25. Haven’t been to a meeting in almost 8 yrs now. I found that the AA meetings were too much of a temptation to my sobriety. The more I heard people talking, the more I wanted to drink. I went a non-traditional route with the church we were at the time and it’s made all the difference. I don’t have a sponsor… I have a warrior-brother who has walked the same journey in more ways than one. AA doesn’t encourage co-ed sponsorship, but I tell ya, for sure and for certain if I had to depend on a woman, I’d be dead in the street. All that aside, let me congratulate you, Janet for doing what you NEED to do to stay sober. Everyone is different and must find their own path. I wish you all the success you can find and hope to see you around for YOUR 35th year! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you!! And I totally understand your point. My friend, mentor, brother has seen me through this far so I kind of have multiple sponsors. I have no desire to drink so the A.A. meetings don’t bother me, except that they lack a sense of spirituality- which is what I HOPE to bring to the table and share. We shall see!! Congrats to you!! And yes, as you say that… I would probably be dead had it not been for my friend Gil. Thru thick and thin he has pointed me the right way and NEVER judged. Peace and Love!!

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  4. Very good again as usual. Hat was redundant 🙂

    But I like the course of your journey.

    Also hodge podge… You mean you don’t want us to put all the puzzle pieces together pull do it for us 🙂

    I follow you quite well xox

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  5. Good for you!! The strength/wisdom that you are receiving is at it’s best when flowing through you. I was at a “lake” yesterday that has no outlet. The water flows in and then just sits. It is toxic…and eventually the water drys up. Praying that you will be blessed and be a blessing to others!!

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