“God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn in no other way.” -C.S. Lewis

My featured image is palm tree silhouettes, made out of sand. It’s actually working for me today, because it seems minimalistic… and I’m feeling that way right now.

Empty and quiet.

I think I’m finally learning that when the committee starts up with those loud and obnoxious debates in my head, the only way to find real comfort is to close down the meeting hall, and hand it all over to God. Which I’ve actually accomplished today.

I know how to talk, and I certainly know how to overthink- so what I’m going to work on this weekend is listening.

I kind of like that idea actually.

Love you guys… ♥♥♥ Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Very cool, sand palms! I can so relate to what you said and refer to it on my blog now and then….my struggle with quieting myself. If prayer is a two way conversation, how can I hear God’s whisper if I keep talking or become focused on something else. Love your concept of closing down the meeting hall and can picture myself flipping the light switch off! Blessings to you for a wonderfilled weekend! Thank you for sharing your journey and walk of faith!

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  2. Ok first off, very cool image, I really like it, it’s print worthy in my opinion. second I’m wondering if there is some synchronicity in play. I am concocting a post about Courage + Honesty = Integrity where being with what is happening within “listening” as you said and emerging on the other side of a growth spurt, more will be revealed. Thank you, Janet

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    1. I know. I do that too. I just pray… Bring me back!! One thing that helps me a little is to think that after the lows i Know there is a high coming. I learn something from it. I sure have missed you. ❤

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