What I Imagine

IF YOU LOSE YOURSELF in your work, you find who you are. If you express the best you have in you in your work, it is more than just the best you have in you that you are expressing. Frederick Buechner, Whistling in the Dark

I thought it was rather coincidental (not) that my quote of the day email from Mr. Buechner was titled Work. I couldn’t wait to read it. His are usually a little longer, but this one was perfect for what’s been on my mind these days.

Every day I imagine more and more images that I want to create, and I’m finding that if I just keep doing that, I lose old worries as I grasp new techniques. It’s a win-win.

Anyway, the featured image is actually a combination of three images, four if you count the hand. The bird shots are from last week, at the L.A. River- so the water has been re-colored, to say the least. The hand was just my way of saying- No, this is not what was out there, but this is what I saw.

I think that makes sense.


  1. Beautiful and whimsical!
    How are you getting so close to these birds? With a zoom lens? I am practicing here and there, but might have to invest in another lens to get these kind of photos.
    Also, the quote about work is eye-opening. I am asking myself, what is it that I can do that would make me feel this way? Thanks for the food for thought.

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    1. I was not close at all really. My camera has that built in zoom. Doesn’t go too far but still better than no zoom. They were maybe 50 feet away?? Yes love love love that quote. ❤❤ thank you. 😄


  2. I really like the image you have created! I find it amazing that you can just see things in your head and then create them!

    You reminded me of how fun it is to go thrift store shopping so that is what I did yesterday 🙂 Of course we only have two…. tiny tiny town.

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    1. Haha. Well, thank you… but what comes out is not “exactly” what I imagine… that’s why I keep practicing lol. And yes, I’ve been going to thrift stores for ages. My little studio I had was decorated completely from little treasures I had found. 😦 That’s why I was sad when I had to leave… but that’s ok- it’s easy to get more! Did you find anything interesting??


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