The Watcher

The wooden head here is actually part of a statue from that train museum. I believe it is Casey Jones, the railroad engineer- not to be confused with Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

This was a fun little project because I finally learned more about getting rid of edges after removing backgrounds, and the sky was brought in from somewhere else, as well, so I’m getting better at blending.

Of course, my mom walked by my computer and kind of freaked out when she saw it. “Why is there a head hanging from that tree?!??” So, to be clear—he is not hanging—he is looking down on the camera lens. I guess we see things differently.

Blessings!! Life is good and God is great!


  1. Two heads are better than one! The coolness for me in this,is the completely unexpected location of the head placement ! The blue center in the sky is what you are drawn to and then realize something is out of place and your vision goes there! Nicely done! I also like the starkness of no leaves on the tree!

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  2. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday! It is Monday here now, bright and early. I am feeling so positive this morning. I feel like anything is possible.

    I would have never guessed that you added that sky! It looks so good. I really like the detail of ‘the watcher’. It fits your personality 😀

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